Messianic comings: A-D, E-G, H-I, J-N, O-S, T, U-Z

A great earthquake (foundation/kingdom of lawlessness shaken off)  (REV)
A great hailstorm (fallen of Satan's powers)  (REV)
A great mountain (your fleshly foundation/kingdom) thrown into the sea/lake of fire)  (REV)
A great multitude (His people called out of the kingdom of lawlessness)  (REV)
A great multitude which no one could count  (REV)
A great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns  (REV)
A great star (His Word of Life) fell/came from heaven  (REV)
A great tribulation (affliction/persecution)
A great wind (His examination of our works)  (REV)
A little while, not seen of Him, again seen of Him
A sharp sword from His mouth to strike down the nations of lawlessness with His wrath  (REV)
A star of heaven fell and the key of bottomless pit given to Him  (REV)
A third of mankind killed by these three plagues  (REV)
A thousand generations (dominion)
Abaddon, the angel of abyss (bottomless pit)  (REV)
After these things Satan must be released for a short time  (REV)
All blasphemies spoken out of the mouths of fleshly minded that do the deeds of opposition  (REV)
All dead bodies (kingdoms) lie (are buried/crucified at His crucifixion  (REV)
All flesh will see His salvation, confess, every one will see Him coming with the clouds
All fleshly bodies at ends of fleshly ages go to second death  (REV)
All fleshly bodies in Adam die and all spiritual bodies in the Messiah live
All fleshly bodies of harlotry and all spiritual bodies of His holiness
All fleshly bodies sin under Law vs.all spiritual bodies sin not when there is no Law
All generations to come (fleshly births) and to go (spiritual births)
All men die once, His judgment comes, salvation without sin to all who wait eagerly Him
All nations walk by His Light and honor Him with all gates opened  (REV)
All peoples, nations, tongues, and kings must be concerned of His prophecy  (REV)
All repent into His 70th week (spiritual trials) that is tested by the dragon (7 x 10)  (REV)
All souls (spiritual bodies) are not abandoned to Hades (death)
All stumbling blocks/lawless ones first gathered out of His Kingdom at ends of fleshly ages
All stumbling blocks thrown first into the furnace of fire then the righteous shines
All that commit her acts of immorality will weep and lament with His judgment to come  (REV)
All the deceiving sounds of the fleshly minds not be heard in us any longer  (REV)
All the nations have drunk of the wine of passion of her immorality  (REV)
All the spiritual bodies cannot be buried, but are raised to His Kingdom of Life  (REV)
All the spiritual bodies (souls) go to first resurrection  (REV)
All the temples (hearts of mortals) are measured  (REV)
All the tribes (perishable bodies) will mourn, and they (imperishable ones) will see Him
All the works of uncleanness are up to bridles (rewards) of the fleshly minded  (REV)
All these things (from His Kingdom) take place  (REV)
All who worship the beast are not written in the life of Life  (REV)
Always prepare for His coming
An eagle flying in the middle of heaven  (REV)
An eternal gospel to preach to all  (REV)
An unique day known to YHWH, for all the works of mortality fled from His judgment (wrath)
Anyone does abide in Me. vs. anyone does not abide in Me and they are burned
Any one must not go back to the house/kingdom or field/heart of mortality
Anyone's name (fleshly body) not found written in the book of life  (REV)
Armies of His horsemen bearing His works of judgment (fire, smoke, brimstone)  (REV)
As Our lion roars, we hear His sounds of salvation coming to us  (REV)
Ascension of Yahushua our Messiah and His return
At last He stands (judges) upon the earth
Babylon the great city thrown down with violence and not be found no longer  (REV)
Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth  (REV)
Be not fashioned to this world
Blessed are the dead who die in the Master from now on!  (REV)
Blessed are you who weep, for you shall laugh vs. Woe to you who laugh, for you shall mourn
Blessed is he who heeds the words of the prophecy of this book  (REV)
Books for the dead and the book of Life  (REV)
Bottomless pit (under our feet)  (REV)
Bound Satan for a thousand years (our spiritual dominion)  (REV)
Cast two eyes into the hell (His examination/consummation)
Come out of her, My people, not participating in her sins  (REV)
Daniel entered into the rest, raised again at the end of his fleshly age
Darkened sun and moon (Satan's kingdom and his works/powers of darkness)
Day of judgment (salvation)
Day of judgment (wrath), Day of salvation (redemption), Day of Messiah (glory) for everyone
Day and Night forever
Day of Light revealed upon your repentance when all works of darkness known
Dead in Messiah (fleshly minded/sinners) vs. Rise in Messiah (repentant/spiritual births)
Death and Hades thrown into the lake of fire  (REV)
Death flees from them  (REV)
Depart from Me, you (fleshly body) who practice of lawlessness
Descent of His Word and His ascension of Mount of Olives (our sanctified heart)
Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up
Do not look at his appearance (fleshly body), but looks at his heart (spiritual body)
Dry bones (dead body) to live/transform to spiritual body upon repentance/restoration
Each one in his own order
Each spiritual work remains for reward, and his fleshly work is burnt up for his loss
Earth of corruption, repentance and then earth of His sanctification
Eliyahu does first come and restore all things
Eliyahu the prophet is sent to us before the coming of His great day
Elohim will wipe every tear from their eyes  (REV)
End of wicked (kingdom of lawlessness) and beginning of His Kingdom of righteousness
Enter through the narrow gate to Life vs. enter the wide way to destruction
Every eye will see Him when He comes with the clouds  (REV)
Every good tree (spiritual/imperishable body) and bad tree (fleshly/perishable body)
Everyone believes in Him and will be raised up on the last day of his fleshly age
Everyone comes for His gospel in the present age, and has eternal life in the age to come
Everyone has the earthly image and the heavenly image
Everyone has two opposing bodies (1 Corinthians 15:22-26, 42-54)
Everyone has the knowledge of good and evil that produces the opposing works
into the kingdom of darkness and His Kingdom of Light
Everyone hears His words, the spiritual one acts on them, but the fleshly one does not act on them
Everyone tested of his service when hungry, thirsty, stranger, naked, sick, or imprisoned
Everyone will deliver his fleshly body to Satan and his spiritual body (soul) to Him at the time of death
Every spiritual birth in the Spirit on His day of salvation
Except those days should be shortened
Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great (body of sin)  (REV)
False hellfire teachings are warned to all
Famines (afflictions) and earthquakes (fleshly powers shaken) are the beginning of spiritual births
Fig tree withered vs. fig tree seasoned by end of summer
First resurrection  (REV)
First woe gone, two woes to come  (REV)
Five months to torment us  (REV)
Flashes of lightning and sounds and peals of thunder and earthquake  (REV)
Flashes of Lightning (awakening from darkness), sounds, peals of thunder, earthquake  (REV)
Flee fornication (Judea) as coming out of her (body of harlotry/Jerusalem)
Fleshly births (body of sin) vs. Spirit births (body of Messiah)
Fleshly (first) Adam and Spiritual (last) Adam
For every soul of man who does evil and does good
For those days shortened
For those days will be a time of tribulation
For the coming of Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah
Four angels bound at great river Euphrates released and kill the spirits of lawlessness  (REV)
Four living creatures  (REV)
Four living creatures (His corners) sit on the horses  (REV)
From Satan's dominion (thousand years) in us saved to His dominion (thousand years)  (REV)
From the east to the west
From the full moon (Light) to the dark moon (darkness) to the full moon (Light)
From the least to the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven
Full moon (light/spiritual body) vs. dark moon (fleshly body)
Gentiles/Goyiim [fleshly births] vs. Jews [spiritual births]
Gog and Magog is symbolized as His enemies at the ends of fleshly ages  (REV)
Gospel of the kingdom preached to all, then the end of mortality comes
Grafted in His true tree of Life
Hail, fire, mixed with blood are His works of wrath thrown to the earth  (REV)
Halleluyah!  His bond-servants fear and praise Him for His true and righteous judgments  (REV)
He appeared to more than 500 brethren, most remained till now but some fell asleep
He gathers His wheat (spiritual bodies) and burn up the chaff (fleshly bodies) with unquenchable fire
He hands over each kingdom (spiritual house) to the heavenly Father
He is the Faithful and True, in judging and waging war against every deeds of lawlessness  (REV)
He knows all the deeds of the seven assemblies  (REV)
He makes us to a be a kingdom and priests to Him, and reigns with us upon the earth  (REV)
He must increase, but I must decrease
He permits all the nations to go astray first, yet gathers them back to Him at the end
He places His feet on the sea and the land, with a little book open  (REV)
He who overcomes will not be hurt by the second death  (REV)
He will baptize you with Holy Spirit and fire
Heaven and earth will pass away, but My Words will not pass away
Her crown of twelve stars  (REV)
Her dwelling place of demons and a prison of every unclean spirit  (REV)
Her torment and mourning for all the fleshly bodies  (REV)
His accuser thrown down accuses them (His people) before Him day and night  (REV)
His angels (birds) gather all the fleshly bodies (kingdoms of corruption)  (REV)
His belief in Son has eternal Life vs. his disobedience not seen Life but His wrath abided
His body of glory, His fleshly body lower than the angels, His resurrected body of glory
His chosen people (all nations) sing the song of Moshe and the song of the Lamb  (REV)
His coming is to prepare you a place in His Father's house
His coming on the clouds of heaven
His coming to the end of your fleshly age vs. those believe in "rapture" doctrines
His covenant with many for one week  (REV)
His day of darkness comes first, then His day of Light comes
His day of darkness comes to judge upon the mountains (kingdoms of mortality)
His day of Light called on us, our sufferings in days of Son of Man, His day of reception of us
His day of salvation and day of judgment against all the works of lawlessness
His descent, the dead in Messiah, spiritual body raised alive and remains here, caught up
His eternal gospel preached, His judgment comes, the kingdom of lawlessness fallen  (REV)
His first appearing of the grace, His redemption of us, His second appearing of glory
His first coming (sowing time)
His flame of fire (eyes) see all works of darkness, His head crowned, His name unknown  (REV)
His flashing Light breaks the seven seals to all
His great authority given from heaven and the earth illumined/lighted with His glory  (REV)
His great supper (consummation of all the fleshly bodies)  (REV)
His harp and golden bowls full of incense are the prayers of our spiritual bodies  (REV)
His judgment given to them because of their testimony of Him  (REV)
His judgment of the great harlot (body of sin) who sits on many waters  (REV)
His key of the abyss and a great chain in His hand to hold Satan  (REV)
His Kingdom of Life puts an end to all the kingdoms of mortality (fleshly ages)  (REV)
His light (lightning) flashes to all that come out of the kingdom of darkness
His mystery is known at the last (7th) trumpet from perishable ones to imperishable ones 
His nourishment with the woman (spiritual body) in the wilderness (spiritual trials)  (REV)
His planting (descend) Seed/Word, our spiritual growth, His harvest (ascend) Spirit/soul
His ride upon the white horse (power of purity) judging the nations of lawlessness  (REV)
His robe dipped in His blood of purity to all who seek His deliverance and receive His Word  (REV)
His sacrifice of our sins abolished, the abomination of desolation is set up
His salvation, power, kingdom, authority of His Messiah come to us  (REV)
His sanctification in our repented hearts till His coming (harvest time)
His second coming (reaping time)
His seven horns (trumpets) and seven eyes (flashes of lightning) sent out into all the earth  (REV)
His sickle (harvest) of the ripen earth (heart of maturation)  (REV)
His spirit of grace poured on them that have pierced Him and mourn for Him
His star of bitterness (wormwood) comes and all others fall  (REV)
His stone strikes the feet of iron and clay (divided kingdom - Jews and Gentiles)  (REV)
His stone strikes the kingdom of lawlessness out of heart and His great mountain is filled  (REV)
His temple opened, ark appeared, flashes of lightning, sounds, peals of thunder  (REV)
His testimony to all about these things on the prophecy of this book  (REV)
His two wings of great eagle given to the woman (spiritual body) protected from Satan  (REV)
His victorious people stand on the sea of glass mixed fire over the beast  (REV)
His winnowing forks, His threshing floor, His wheat, and the chaff
His Word of Light (day of salvation) overtakes you like a thief in the kingdom of darkness
His wrath against all unholiness and unrighteousness of men
His wrath comes, the time for the fleshly (dead) ones judged, the time to reward His spiritual servants  (REV)
His wrath comes upon the sons/works of disobedience, in them you once walked
His wrath is finished as to purge out all the works of lawlessness at the end of fleshly age  (REV)
Hours of your spiritual life tested
How are the dead raised?  What kind of body do they come?
How long will He refrain from judging and avenging our blood on those who dwell here?  (REV)
I am from above (not of this world) and you are from below (of this world)
I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end  (REV)
I am the first and the last (Alpha and Omega), who is, who was, and who is to come  (REV)
I am the way, and the truth, and the life
I am with you always, even to the end of your fleshly age
I come like a thief for those who stay awake and keep His Law of Life clothed  (REV)
I make peace, and create evil
I sit as a queen and I am not a widow, and will not see mourning  (REV)
I will grant authority to my two witnesses (two olive trees and two lampstands)  (REV)
I will pour forth of My Spirit on all mankind in the last days
If anyone wants to hurt them, the fire flows out of their mouth  (REV)
If anyone worship the beast and his image, he drinks of His cup of wrath and is tormented
If He casts out demons by His Spirit, then His Kingdom of Light has come upon you
If I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men to Myself
If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself
In one hour she has been laid waste!  (REV)
Inner man (spiritual body) vs. outer man (fleshly body)
It is not for us to know times or epochs
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her vs. New Jerusalem
Jerusalem on the east and His feet standing on the Mount of Olives on the west is split
Jerusalem surrounded by armies and recognized of her desolation
Jerusalem tramped under foot by the Gentiles until the times of Gentiles fulfilled
Kingdom of heaven near in time, your repentance, it comes upon you
Last days of the fleshly age
Lawless wars not frightened that must take place, not yet the end of fleshly age
Lawlessness in my body wars against His Law of my mind (inner man)
Lawlessness increased vs. His Law endured till the end of fleshly age
Leavened bread (fleshly minded) vs. unleavened bread (spiritual minded)
Let the wrong deeds belong to what is wrong, the righteous deeds belong to what is right  (REV)
Lighted (spiritual) body vs. darkened (fleshly) body
Luke 23:50-56 and 24:1-26 explanation of "Third Day"
Many awaken out of their sleep, these to everlasting life but others to everlasting contempt
Many receive His Word of Life but fall away, betray, and hate others
Many teach falsely using great signs and wonders to mislead others
Many that sleep in the dust awaken, these to everlasting life, others to disgrace
Many walk here in their spiritual lives till they are caught up (transformed) at the ends of their fleshly ages
Many who are first will be last; and the last, first
Many will come in My name, saying, I am the Messiah, and will mislead many
Men from every tribe, tongue, and nation purchased with His blood  (REV)
Mouth sweetness, stomach bitterness, prophecy to all  (REV)
My people come up out of your graves (bones) to His Kingdom/land of Yisrael
Nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom
Neither cold nor hot (lukewarm)
Neither Jew nor Greek, neither slave nor free man, neither male nor female but one in Messiah
Never taste of death
New heavens and new earth
New heaven and new earth, no sea, new Jerusalem  (REV)
New Jerusalem
No delay for all of us  (REV)
No fear of the perishable body vs. fear of His consummation of both bodies
No flesh and blood can inherit the kingdom of Life, nor the perishable inherit the imperishable
No great faith in Yisrael (sons of this world of mortality) vs. faithfulness in children of His sanctification
No harm for the spiritual bodies vs. His harm for the fleshly bodies  (REV)
No longer any death, mourning, crying, pain, the first things pass away  (REV)
No one can escape passing His judgment, even till the end of his fleshly age
No one can serve two masters
No one has ascended into heaven but He who descended from heaven
No one in heaven or on the earth or under the earth can open the book (REV)
No one is able to enter His temple until the seven plagues are finished  (REV)
No one will buy or sell except the one who has the mark of the beast  (REV)
No place is found for Satan and his angels in heaven as His Kingdom is restored for all of us  (REV)
No spiritual bodies (souls) are perished except for the fleshly bodies
Noah's days: the wicked (old) earth, repentance, sanctification, new earth
Not a hair from the head perished
Not all Yisrael descended from Yisrael but through Yitschak (Isaac) you are named/saved
Not one faithful found in Yisrael, many come from east/west, sons of kingdom cast out
Not one stone of fleshly temple saved
Old leaven cleansed out/not eaten vs. New leaven sanctified/eaten
One coin of opposite sides (Caesar’s and Elohim) rendered to
One day like a thousand years
One of the beast's heads slain and his fatal wound healed  (REV)
Other beast coming up exercises all the authority of the first beast  (REV)
Our abiding in His righteousness before His appearance vs. those shrinking away from Him
Our body of sin (death) vs. His redemption of our body raised from the death of Messiah.
Our body of sin (old self) buried vs. one body of Messiah (new self) raised
Our clusters (works) out of our hearts (earth) gathered into the wine press of His wrath  (REV)
Our death (old self) in Messiah, new self resurrected in Messiah, newness of spiritual life
Our inside transformations from our body of sin to body of humbleness to body of His glory
Our instruction out of what was written in earlier times to know the works of opposition
Our keeping of His commandments without blemish till His return
Our partaking in tribulation, kingdom and perseverance in Yahushua  (REV)
Our patience strengthen our sanctified hearts with His judgment till His second coming
Our previous works of present earth/heaven vs. our works of new earth/heaven (2 Peter 3)
Our spiritual flight (trials) not in the world of coldness/hardness nor of fleshly rest/Shabbat
Our spiritual renewal work in Messiah vs. those falling away doctrines before His appearing
Our spiritual (inside) transformation (resurrection) and renewal life
Out from His throne comes flashes of lightning, sounds and peals of thunder  (REV)
Parable of Good seed - tares
Parable of sheep (spiritual bodies) and goats (fleshly bodies)
Parable of His first coming, going, and second coming for every man (Matthew 25)
Parable of the fig tree
Parable of the Net
Parable of the Ten Virgins
Peals of thunder (heavenly trumpets over the repentant ones)  (REV)
Parallel of worldly sanctuary (made by hands) and Spiritual sanctuary (not made by hands)
Perfection vs. imperfection
Perishable body and imperishable body
Present earth and heaven fled away and no place found for them  (REV)
Present heavens and earth are reserved for fire
Present heavens and earth, Day of judgment, new heavens and new earth
Rejoice over her (kingdom of harlotry)  (REV)
Removal of the first heaven and the first earth when the Lamb comes down  (REV)
Resurrection of Life (spiritual body) and resurrection of judgment (fleshly body)
Revelation 20:1-8 - Thousand years (dominion)  (REV)
Salvation and glory and power belong to YHWH  (REV)
Satan (The Beast)
Satan bounded, not deceive the nations, released, deceive them till the ends of fleshly ages  (REV)
Satan comes out before the ends of fleshly ages  (REV)
Satan fell down during His last days, deceives, the inhabitants, bounded, released  (REV)
Satan is thrown into the abyss, is shut, and sealed till all these things are done  (REV)
Satan's authority of lawlessness given to the beasts (evil empires)  (REV)
Satan’s release (last 3½ days) to end the fleshly age before his dominion taken away
Scattered sheep (fleshly bodies) vs. gathered sheep (spiritual bodies)
Scriptural examples of His first and second comings
Sea gave up the dead  (REV)
Seal up the things when the seven peals of thunder is spoken  (REV)
Second death  (REV)
Serpents, scorpions and locusts (spirits of lawlessness)  (REV)
Serpents, scorpions, and locusts (spirits of lawlessness) dominating the fleshly minded  (REV)
Seven assemblies (churches)  (REV)
Seven peals of thunder spoken at the beginning of spiritual life  (REV)
Seven seals:  (REV)
First seal (Our conquest of the world of lawlessness thru Him)
Second seal (His peace in us vs. the fleshly world of peace)
Third seal (His scales of our opposite works)
Fourth seal (Our bodies died in Messiah and authorization to rebuke spirits of lawlessness)
Fifth seal (Our affliction with Him for His testimony of truths)
Sixth seal (Our fleshly powers of darkness weakened by His Word of Life)
Seventh seal (His sincerity/truth in us silence all the works of ignorance/foolishness)
Seven seals, seven trumpets, seven vials (bowls of His wrath)  (REV)
Seven Trumpets:  (REV)
First trumpet (Our spiritual battle against the spirits of lawlessness)
Second trumpet (Our knowledge and labor of evilness thrown into the sea/lake of fire)
Third trumpet (Our fleshly works consumed/wormed while growth in Messiah)
Fourth trumpet (Three things of darkness thrown to earth upon our repentance)
Fifth trumpet (Our kingdoms/bodies of lawlessness put under His feet/bottomless pit)
Sixth trumpet (His deliverance of us to His living waters)
Seventh trumpet (Our spiritual kingdoms/production are His Kingdom/possession of Life)
Seven Vials (Bowls of His wrath)
Seven vials/bowls of His wrath:  (REV)
First vial (His wrath in us authorized to rebuke all the spirits of lawlessness)
Second vial (His wrath in us rebukes works of death while renewing in Him)
Third vial (His wrath in us purifies works of uncleanness out)
Fourth vial (His wrath in us scorch/burn works of blasphemy/unforgiveness)
Fifth vial (His wrath in us rebuke works/deeds of darkness)
Sixth vial (His wrath in us rebuke works of cold-hearted/lawless deeds)
Seventh vial (His wrath in us completed of our spiritual trials)
Seventy weeks to finish our transgressions
Shaul was flashed by His Light from heaven at his beginning of spiritual life
Shoel/Hell (Lake of fire)
Sign of Jonah (repentance)
Sin and blasphemy is forgiven but against Holy Spirit is not forgiven
Six hundred sixty-six  (REV)
Smoke of a great furnace goes up out of the bottomless pit  (REV)
Some of those will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming
Son of Man in the middle of the golden lamp stands  (REV)
Son of Man sitting at the right hand of power, and coming on the clouds of heaven
Spiritual body (members) vs. fleshly body (members)
Stephen saw Yahushua coming in the clouds (heavens) and was received at his fleshly end
Such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will
Sun, moon, stars (fleshly powers) weakened before His day of judgment (salvation)
Sun of righteousness (YHWH) vs. darkened sun (Satan)
That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit
The angels ascend and descend on the Son of Man
The appearance of locusts (powerful battle of spirits of lawlessness)  (REV)
The beast coming up out of the sea authorized and worshipped by the fleshly minded  (REV)
The beast coming up out of the sea makes war with His people and overcomes them  (REV)
The beast seized and false prophet with him thrown into the lake of fire  (REV)
The beast slain and destroyed by Him, and rest of beasts taken away from His saints
The beast (Satan) that you saw was, and is not, and is about to come up out of the abyss  (REV)
The beast which was, is not, is eighth (one of the seven) goes to destruction  (REV)
The beginning of the world to the world without end
The blood of prophets and saints was found in her and slain for His truths  (REV)
The book of life
The bread of Life comes down from heaven, eaten, him raised up on the last day
The Bride, the wife of the Lamb and His holy city  (REV)
The censor thrown to the earth, peals of thunder, sounds, flashes of lightning, Earthquake  (REV)
The circumcised vs. the uncircumcised
The darkness is passing away and the true Light is already shining
The degree of her sins must be performed to her torment and mourning  (REV)
The dragon standing on the sand of the seashore (fleshly minded)  (REV)
The earth helps the woman (spiritual body) and opens its mouth against Satan the dragon  (REV)
The elements destroyed with intense heat
The end of all flesh has come before Me
The end of all things of mortality is near
The end of what age?
The ends of our fleshly ages have come once they are written in our hearts
The equal measures of His city for all 12 tribes of Yisrael  (REV)
The faith without works (fleshly body) vs. the faith with works (spiritual body)
The fall of evil powers  (REV)
The fall of Satan from heaven to the earth
The farmer waits for the precious produce until it gets the early and late rains
The first half and second half of His 70th week are our shortened days  (REV)
The flashes of lightning (Word of Light) comes to awaken those who are in the darkness
The flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh vs. the Spirit set the things of the Spirit
The fleshly body is divorced by the spiritual body (soul) at the end of fleshly age
The fleshly body without the spiritual body (soul) is dead
The fleshly bodies go away into eternal punishment, but the spiritual bodies into eternal life
The fleshly bodies hid from His presence at the ends of fleshly ages  (REV)
The foundation (beginning) of the world
The four winds (His examination) of the earth (works) withheld till His servants are sealed  (REV)
The freedwoman (spiritual body) vs. the bondwoman (fleshly body)
The good man (spiritual body) and the evil man (fleshly body)
The great city (head of lawlessness) of Babylon and the cities of nations (body) fall  (REV)
The hour of His judgment come  (REV)
The image of beast and mark on their hands/foreheads  (REV)
The image of beast (lawlessness) causes all the fleshly minded to worship  (REV)
The image of beast (lawlessness) in fleshly minded vs. His true image sanctified in us
The image of beast (lawlessness) is created for those who do the deeds of falsehood  (REV)
The image of beast (lawlessness) is wounded (afflicted) of sword (hatred) and come to life  (REV)
The inside of cup (spiritual body) vs. the outside of cup (fleshly body)
The Jews (fleshly-minded) vs. repentant Jews (spiritual-minded)
The kingdoms of the world have become the Kingdom of Life  (REV)
The Lamb standing on Mount Zion with 144,000 ones  (REV)
The last days of our spiritual life till the great and glorious day of YHWH
The living water and bread and light for the spiritual bodies  (REV)
The lost (fleshly body) vs. the found (spiritual body)
The marriage supper of the Lamb has come and His bride is clothed with His righteousness  (REV)
The merchants (fleshly minded) weep and mourn over her  (REV)
The Messiah is cut off (crucified)
The mystery of lawlessness revealed, your repentance, His mystery of holiness revealed
The mystery of the woman (body of sin) and of the beast that carries her known to us  (REV)
The new song learned only of the 144,000 ones purchased from the earth  (REV)
The one who has endured to the end of fleshly age will be saved
The 144,000 ones who follow the Lamb wherever He goes  (REV)
The 144,000 sanctified ones are His first fruits  (REV)
The 144,000 sealed servants purchased from the earth of mortality  (REV)
The perseverance and the faith of the saints (our spiritual bodies)  (REV)
The powers shaken, the spiritual life prevailed over lawless works before His redemption
The rain is sent on the righteous and the unrighteous
The release of Satan from his prison  (REV)
The rest of mankind not killed by these plagues  (REV)
The rest of the dead did not come to the life  (REV)
The rich man and Lazarus
The rising sun (His morning star) has the seal of Elohim given to His servants  (REV)
The seven plagues are the last in His wrath to finish our fleshly ages  (REV)
The seven Spirits before His throne  (REV)
The sign of His coming, and of the end of the age
The sky split (scroll/book)  (REV)
The smoke of the incense with the prayers of the saints  (REV)
The Son of Man does not come to destroy our spiritual bodies but save them
The Son of man is in the heart of earth
The Son of Man judges in the heart of His people between the kingdom of three nights and the Kingdom of three days
The spiritual bodies (alive) never precede the fleshly bodies that fall asleep (dead)
The spiritual bodies are His priests in His eternal Kingdom of Life  (REV)
The spiritual bodies come out of the great tribulation  (REV)
The spiritual life of the fleshly age (Matthew 24)
The star called Wormwood  (REV)
The stars fall from the sky
The stick of Yahudah (Jews) and the stick of Ephrayim (Gentiles) in His hand
The ten horns not received a kingdom, but receive authorization with the beast for one hour  (REV)
The time (of repentance for His Kingdom) is near
The two shall become one flesh
The waters (fleshly minded) where the harlot (body of sin) sits  (REV)
The wise/faithful on the alert (blessing) vs. the fool/mocker not on the alert (hypocrisy)
The woman (body of sin) drinks the blood of His saints and witnesses  (REV)
The woman (body of sin) is the great city reigning over the kings of the earth  (REV)
The woman (body of sin) sits on a scarlet beast, full of blasphemous names  (REV)
The woman (spiritual body) and His son goes back to His throne  (REV)
The woman (spiritual body) conceived with His Word of Light for the shortened days  (REV)
The woman (spiritual body) with His Word (Son) of Light coming to the sanctified heart  (REV)
The woman with His Son vs. the woman of abomination (harlotry)  (REV)
The words sealed (closed) vs. the words of the prophecy of this book unsealed (opened)  (REV)
The world of mortality hates you
Their testimonies finished (1st half of 70th week) and their death (2nd half)  (REV)
There is no delay for all of us for His work is finished at His crucifixion  (REV)
These things (His parables) are merely the beginning of our birth pangs/births
These will wage war against the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them  (REV)
They execute His purpose and give their old kingdoms to the beast  (REV)
They finish their testimony (spiritual works) and are overcome at the ends of fleshly ages  (REV)
They gather them together to the place Armageddon  (REV)
They go up into heaven in the cloud and their enemies watch them  (REV)
They have the power to shut up the sky/rain and over the waters turned into blood  (REV)
They poured out the blood of saints and prophets  (REV)
They should rest for a little while longer until others to complete  (REV)
They strike/rebuke the earth (fleshly minded) with every plague/sickness  (REV)
They tread under foot the holy city for forty-two months  (REV)
They (spirits of lawlessness) went out from us vs. they would have remained with us
They will hate the harlot (body of sin) and eat her flesh (destroy deeds of her immorality)  (REV)
Third day
Third of sea (guiltiness), third of creature (uncleanness), third of ships (wealth) perishable  (REV)
This (today's) generation
This (today's) generation will not pass away until all these things take place
Those (fleshly bodies) dwell on the earth wondering when they see the beast  (REV)
Those (fleshly bodies) who are asleep vs. those (spiritual bodies) who stay awaken
Those (fleshly minded) dwelling on the earth rejoice over them (spiritual minded)  (REV)
Those look at their dead bodies for 3 1/2 days and not laid in a tomb  (REV)
Those not worshipping the beast come to their spiritual life with the Messiah  (REV)
Those who fear His name, and those who destroy the earth  (REV)
Thousand years (dominion)
Three days
Three days and three nights
Three days vs. three nights
Three things of Satan's kingdom (tail) fallen down and three things on the earth perished  (REV)
Three woes  (REV)
Throw the eye that makes you stumble vs. the whole body into hell (fire)
To him given breath to the image of the beast  (REV)
To Him who sits on the throne, to the Lamb, blessing, honor, glory, dominion forever  (REV)
Torment of our fleshly bodies that do the deeds of lawlessness  (REV)
Transgressors (fleshly bodies) punished at His day of judgment
Tree of Life  (REV)
Tree of life vs. tree of the knowledge of good and evil
Twinkling of an eye (Changing from mortality to immortality)
Two bodies
Two bodies, one will be taken and one will be left
Two masters
Unless the apostasy (deflection/going astray) comes first, and the man of lawlessness revealed
Unless those days are shortened, no fleshly life is saved
Water of Life coming to all  (REV)
We are the sons of light, sons of day, not of night nor of darkness
We, His sealed servants, cannot be hurt by the spirits of lawlessness  (REV)
We hold the testimony of Yahushua (spirit of prophecy) and worship Him only  (REV)
We turn from kingdom of idolatry to His Kingdom and wait for His receipt of us
We were dead, made us alive together, raised us up, and seated us with Him in the heaven
Weakness (fleshly body) vs. strength (spiritual body)
Weeping and gnashing of teeth
What are burned up (perished) and what are not burnt up (preserved)?  (REV)
What city is like the great city of Babylon?  (REV)
What enters into the mouth is not defiled vs. what proceeds out of the mouth is defiled
What is bounded and what is loosened on the earth and in the heaven?
What is fallen down and is perished by our repentance out of the kingdom of lawlessness
What is raised and is not perished by our renewal in His Word of Life
What is outside the temple is not measured vs. what is measured inside His Temple  (REV)
What things are being restored to us when we are born again with His Spirit?
What will the sign of the end of age?
What will be the sign of Your coming?
Wheat and Tares
When the Messiah is revealed, then you also will be revealed with Him in glory
When will these things happen?
Where the body (corpse) is, there the vultures are gathered
Where is the promise of His coming?
White robe is given to each spiritual body  (REV)
Wicked/adulterous generation in us, sign of Jonah (repentance), His righteous regeneration in us
Who are they, and where have they come from?  (REV)
Who is able to stand, for His day of wrath has come?
Who is like the beast, and who is able to wage war with them?  (REV)
Who is worth to open the book and to take its seals?  (REV)
Who will not fear, O YHWH, and glorify Your name?  (REV)
Woe to the spiritual births conceived/nursed with His Word of Life in the shortened days
Woe to the world of lawlessness (stumbling blocks)
Yahushua our first-fruit of all
YHWH and the Lamb (His Word of Life) are our Temple and Light  (REV)
Yisrael (spiritual body) coming out of Egypt (fleshly body)
You are not My people (fleshly bodies) vs. you are the sons of the living Elohim (spiritual bodies)
You are raised up with Messiah, you seek His things to know the works of opposition
You know what restrains Satan now until he is taken out of the way
You must prophesy all during your shortened days  (REV)
You receive Messiah, build up in Him, are received to Him at end of flesh
Your body of humbleness (lamb/spiritual birth) transformed to your body of His glory (lion/king)
Your day of fleshly death is unknown but the heavenly Father
Your apostasy with Satan revealed first, your repentance, affliction repaid, His revelation
Your deeds known and keeping of His testimony  (REV)
Your deeds known, but your works of lukewarmness, blindness, poverty, conceit  (REV)
Your deeds known, love, faith, service, perseverance, but your tolerance of Jezebel  (REV)
Your deeds known, you are alive, but you are dead, wake up, strength the things  (REV)
Your dwelling known, Satan’s throne, your faithfulness, but stumbling block  (REV)
Your evil deeds to resurrection of judgment and your good deeds to resurrection of Life
Your fleshly (perishable) birth, repentance, spiritual (imperishable) birth, caught up
Your good words justified and your evil/careless words condemned
Your hearts established in holiness till His coming with all His saints
Your kingdom of death transformed to His Kingdom of Life in your repentant heart
Your lampstand out of its place is removed unless you repent  (REV)
Your left hand does not know what your right hand does
Your kingdom of death transformed to His Kingdom of Life in your repentant heart
Your mortal body is sanctified with His Word of flashing Light upon repentance
Your repentance and tribulation is repaid with affliction till His revelation
Your spiritual body of Light and your fleshly body of darkness
Your spiritual trial of all things of strangeness happened to share His sufferings
Your tribulation and poverty known and their blasphemy but no fear to suffer  (REV)

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"When will these things happen,
and what will be the sign of Your coming,
and of the end of the age?" (Matt. 24:3)
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