613 Mitzvot, Lunar year 2009-10
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   (Feast of Booths)

The end of His warmth (Light) is to draw up the spiritual one/soul out of the fleshly body at the end of his fleshly age with his spiritual production harvested to His Kingdom/Tabernacle of Life.

His Alpha/first coming brings the beginning of spiritual life to everyone who repents with His Blood of purification (Passover/Pesach/Son of Life) in his heart who is called out of the kingdom of coldness/darkness, eats His Matzot (Unleavened bread of truth and honesty), receives His Spirit of Life (Shavuot/Penetocost) in his sanctified heart, and dwells in His Kingdom/Tabernacle (Booths/Sukkot) on the earth for the shortened days of his mortal life, till the 8th day of Sukkot is perceived as the great day of His Omega/second coming at his fleshly death.

Ye shall keep a feast unto YHWH seven days:
Num. 29:12-13 “And on the fifteenth day of the seventh month a holy convocation shall ye have: any manner of servile work ye shall not do, and ye shall keep a feast unto YHWH seven days.”
You are the feast of YHWH to keep for the Spirit of YHWH that dwells in your temple (heart) eternally whereas the seven days are the spiritual indication of its eternity, once you taste the new birth in His Spirit after your former works of lawlessness are purged out thru your repentance, sanctified in His blood, and receipt of His Spirit.

The feast that is sanctified in holiness by YHWH is highly regarded in the heaven and also to the Spirit minded but it is lowly regarded to the fleshly minded who devotes much on the man-made festivals which are not commanded by the heavenly Father but by the traditions of men.  The spiritual feast refers to those who understand what the feasts are like Pesach (the Passover Lamb) to wash our sins away, Shavuot/Pentecost (the pouring of Holy Spirit) to give the gift to the Spirit filled, and Sukkot/feast of Tabernacle (the dwelling in His tabernacle) along with other feasts that are for the atonement, affliction, purification for their souls.
The 7th full moon is also known as the Harvest Moon.  It is how we gather the production harvested from the beginning of the lunar month (full moon) in order to celebrate the feast of Tabernacles, which is at the dark/empty moon (15th).

YHWH dwells in tabernacles not made with hands:
Rev. 21:3...”Behold, the tabernacle of Elohim is among men, and He shall dwell among them, and they shall be His people, and Elohim Himself shall be among them.” Acts 7:44-50; 15:16-18; The Restoration of Yisrael: Amos 9:11 “In that day I will raise up the fallen booth of David and wall up its breaches; I will also raise up its ruins, and rebuild it as in the days of old.”
YHWH dwells only in the Tabernacle of Life, not made with hands of men.  For us to dwell in the Tabernacle of YHWH, we must throw out our fleshly tabernacled possessions which are perishable and made with hands of men in order to dwell in His Tabernacle of Life by the purification of our hearts.

Eighth day:
It is known as the end of weekly cycle from Shabbat to the next Shabbat when the Full/New Moon falls on 1st day of lunar month, then the first Shabbat is always on the 8th day of lunar month.  The first man (Adam) falls at the beginning where the sin is first conceived (1st day) illuminating the full moon becomes blemish shedding its light (woman’s menstruation) so the last Adam (Yahushua our Messiah) restores us back to His Kingdom of Light as the woman’s purification is completed on the 8th day so that the woman, the children of Yisrael, can be restored back to the spiritual production in His Light (next full moon).
The eighth day is known in the Torah teachings for the day of sanctification after the 7 days of the process of purification of the unclean.
The study of the lunar month is similar to the cycle of the womanly period month.  At the beginning, Chauwah/ Eve was clean, full of life before the commandment of life is violated, then according to Gen. 3:16, she first experienced the bleeding of blood/loss of life (the release of ovulation) to her first cycle of womanly period to purify the uncleanness in 7 days to become clean on the 8th day according to the law of Moshe.  It is similar to the full moon which is first mentioned in Gen. 1:14 to govern all the night, but because of the cursings made wholly visible, the moon lost her power equally with the sun in the cycle of orbit and starts bleeding her full light just like the womanly blood bleeds, the first lunar calendar is made with the Full Moon/Chodesh for the first day of the month.
When the 8th day is purified for the woman's period, she becomes clean so it is likewise with the 1st quarter or 1st phase of Chodesh is sanctified as the Shabbat at its 8th day.  These Shabbat days are often mentioned as 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th in the Torah books and other Bible books.
The eighth day is known in the Torah teachings for the day of sanctification after the 7 days of the process of purification of the unclean.

On the 8th day of Sukkot:
Completion of the purification from all impurity for the servants of Messiah abide in the Tabernacle forever with the Lamb.  Likewise, the fleshly circumcision on 8th day, the spiritual circumcision is separated from the uncircumcision for ever.

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