The index of
613 Mitzvot (Commandments of Life)
(where each statement has its comments
with the P/N number listed
excluding some with (REV) or (MESS) commentaries)
(REV): commentary of Book of Revelation
(MESS): commentary of Messianic comings

613 Mitzvot
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A bad for a good: N106
A bastard may not have relations with a Jewess (N354)
A bastard shall not enter into the assembly of YHWH: N354
A bone shall you not break thereof: N121
A bribe thou shalt not take: N274
A Cohen (priest) marry not a woman profaned from the Priesthood (N159)
A Cohen (priest) may not marry a divorcee (N160)
A Cohen (priest) may not marry a harlot, zonah (N158)
A Cohen/priest not to eat first fruits outside Temple courts (N149)
A Cohen's sojourner or hired worker may not eat terumah (N134)
A common man (stranger): P22
A common man shall not draw nigh unto you: P22
A copy of this law: P17
A covering stone ye shall not place in your land: N12
A day of blowing the horn it is unto you: P170
A declaration made bringing First-fruits to the Temple (P132)
A declaration made when separating the various tithes (P131)
A dreamer of dreams and he gives thee a sign or a wonder: N28
An El great and awful: N58
A female from the flock: P72
A female without blemish: P69
A field devoted: P145
A fire continually shall be kept burning upon the altar: P29
A fire-offering of a sweet savour unto YHWH: P51
A firstling among beasts: N107
A garment of two kinds of stuff: N215
A good for a bad: N106
A grave image or a pillar ye shall not rear up for yourselves: N12
A great and a small: N272
A great earthquake (foundation/kingdom of lawlessness shaken off): (REV)
A great hailstorm (fallen of Satan's powers): (REV)
A great mountain (your fleshly foundation/kingdom) thrown into the sea/lake of fire: (REV)
A great multitude (His people called out of the kingdom of lawlessness): (REV)
A great multitude which no one could count: (REV)
A great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns: (REV)
A great star (His Word of Life) fell/came from heaven: (REV)
A great tribulation (affliction/persecution): P42
A great wind (His examination of our works): (REV)
A hired laborer not to take more fruit than he can eat (N268)
A hole (opening): N88
A holy anointing oil shall this be to Me throughout your generations: P35
A holy convocation shall there be unto you: P162
A holy convocation shall ye have: P45
A hundred shekels of silver: P219
A jubilee shall it be unto you: P136
A jubilee shall that fiftieth year be unto you: N224
A judge is not to accept bribes/gifts from litigants (N274)
A judge is not to commit unrighteousness (N273)
A judge is not to discriminate against the wicked (N278)
A judge is not to favor (be partial to) a litigant (N275)
A judge is not to receive a wicked man's testimony (N286)
A judge not perverting justice due strangers or orphans (N280)
A judge not to decide in favor of poor man, out of pity (N277)
A judge receive not testimony from litigant's relatives (N287)
A kid: P125
A king not amassing great personal wealth (N365)
A king not taking many wives (N364)
A king not to accumulate an excess number of horses (N363)
A lamb or a she kid of the goats for a sin offering: P72
A little while, not seen of Him, again seen of Him: (MESS)
A male of the first year: P55
A male of the first year shall you have: P55
A male without blemish he shall offer it: P63
A man devotes unto YHWH of all that he hath: N110
A man from whom there goeth out the flow of seed: N136
A man, if he take with his wife also her mother, it is lewdness: P228
A man lie with her carnally: P223
A man may not lie carnally with another man (N350)
A man may not lie carnally with his father N351)
A man may not lie carnally with his father's brother (N352)
A man that is broken-footed, or broken-handed, or thick-browed: N71
A man that is clean, shall gather up the ashes of the heifer: P113
A man, to any that is near of kin to him shall not approach: N353
A memorial (proclaimed) with the blast of horns, a holy convocation: P163
A month old: P114
A Nazir may not drink wine or any beverage from grapes (N202)
A Nazir may not eat dried grapes (N204)
A Nazir may not eat fresh grapes (N203)
A Nazir may not eat grape peels/husks (N206)
A Nazir may not eat grapes seeds/kernels (N205)
A Nazir may not rend himself tameh (unclean) for the dead (N207)
A Nazir must not become tameh (unclean) entering house with corpse (N208)
A Nazir must not shave his hair (N209)
A paddle shall thou have among thy weapons: P192
A  poor man thou shalt not favor in his cause: P175
A prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren: P172
A restriction from labor shall ye have: P51
A ruler: N60
A ruler among thy people shall thou not curse: N60
A sharp sword from His mouth to strike down the nations of lawlessness with His wrath: (REV)
A sojourner and a hired servant shall not eat thereof: N126
A sorceress shalt thou not suffer to live: N310
A spirit of jealousy come upon him: P223
A star of heaven fell and the key of bottomless pit given to Him: (REV)
A stranger shall not eat thereof: N149
A stranger shall not eat thereof, because they are holy: P89
A third of mankind killed by these three plagues: (REV)
A thousand generations (dominion): P14
A turtle-dove: P76
A violator must marry the virgin/maiden he has violated (P218)
A virgin of his own people shall he take to wife: N161
A widow, or one divorced, or a profaned woman or a harlot, these shall he not take: P38
A witness must not sit as a Judge in capital cases (N291)
A woman that is put away from her husband they shall not take: N158
A woman to her sister thou shalt not take: N345
A worker is not to cut down standing grain during work (N267)
A year of solemn rest, shall it be for the land: N222
A young pigeon: P76
A zar (non-Cohen [non-priest]: N74
A zar/non-Cohen is not to eat the most holy offerings (N148)
A zar/non-Cohen may not eat terumah / (heave offering) (N133)
A Zar (non-Cohen) not to ministry in Sanctuary (N74)
Abaddon, the angel of abyss (bottomless pit): (REV)
Abhorring: N54
Abib: P52
Abide you every man in his place: N321
Abominable offering with frankincense: P67
Abominable thing: N140
Abomination wrought in heart: P179
Abominations: P179
Abstain from pollutions of idols: N22
Abstinence: N73
Acceptable offering: P63
According as thou hast vowed unto YHWH thy Elohim freely: P94
According in all that proceed out of his mouth he shall do: P95
According to all the statute of the passover they shall keep it: P57
According to all Thy commandment which Thou hast commanded me: P131
According to his will before YHWH: P63
According to the blessing of YHWH thy Elohim which he hath give thee: P86
According to the composition thereof you shall not make any like it: N83
According to the composition thereof you shall not make yourselves: N85
According to the judgment which they shall tell thee: P174
According to the law which they shall teach thee: P174
According to the means of him that vowed shall the priest value him: P114
According to the measure of his wickedness: N300
According to thy valuation, for a guilt-offering, unto the priest: P70
According to thy valuation (in) shekels of silver: P71
Adam was the first man: N2
Add fifth part (five parts) to valuation: P115
Adjuration (swearing): P72
Admonition: P205
Adonai (Master): P1
Adultery: P223
Adversary: P59
Afflict your souls: P164
Affliction: P48
After all the desire of thy soul thou mayest slaughter and eat flesh: P86
After that she is defiled: N356
After that she shall be clean: P75
After that thou mayest go in unto her: P221
After the shekel of the sanctuary, for a guilt-offering: P71
After these things Satan must be released for a short time: (REV)
After three years of His ministry on the earth (Fourth year): P119
After which ye use to go astray: N47
Against your enemies: P191
Aharon: N70
Aharon and his sons: P24
Aharon and his sons shall set it in order to burn from evening to morning before YHWH: P25
Aharon and his sons shall wash out of it their hands and their feet: P24
Aharon shall burn thereon incense of (sweet) spices: P28
Aharon thy brother: P33
Alarm: P59
Alien: N128
All blasphemies spoken out of the mouths of fleshly minded that do the deeds of opposition: (REV)
All dead bodies (kingdoms) lie (are buried/crucified at His crucifixion: (REV)
All debts are annulled in the Shabbatical year, but... (P141)
All drink that may be drunk in every (such) vessel shall be unclean: P98
All flesh will see His salvation, confess, every one will see Him coming with the clouds: (MESS)
All fleshly bodies at ends of fleshly ages go to second death: (REV)
All fleshly bodies die in Adam and all spiritual bodies in the Messiah live: (MESS)
All fleshly bodies of harlotry and all the spiritual bodies of His holiness: (MESS)
All fleshly bodies sin under Law vs. all spiritual bodies sin not when there is no Law: (MESS)
All food therein which may be eaten: P98
All fours: P151
All generations to come (fleshly births) and to go (spiritual births): (MESS)
All his brethren the Levites do, who stand there before YHWH: P36
All his days: P218
All his hair he shall shave off: P111
All his males be circumcised: N127
All mankind are saved: (MESS)
All manner of trees: P119
All manner of work shall not be done in them: P159
All men die once, His judgment comes, salvation without sin to all who wait eagerly Him: (MESS)
All nations walk by His Light and honor Him with all gates opened: (REV)
All night: P231
All offerings must be brought only to the Sanctuary (P84)
All peoples, nations, tongues, and kings must be concerned of His prophecy: (REV)
All repent into His 70th week (spiritual trials) that is tested by the dragon (7 x 10): (REV)
All souls (spiritual bodies) are not abandoned to Hades (death): (MESS)
All stumbling blocks/lawless ones first gathered out of His Kingdom at ends of fleshly ages: (MESS)
All stumbling blocks thrown first into the furnace of fire then the righteous shines: (MESS)
All that commit her acts of immorality will weep and lament with His judgment to come: (REV)
All that hath not fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers: N173
All that swarms in the waters: N173
All that were enfeebled in thy rear: P189
All the congregation shall certainly stone him: N60
All the days of his Naziriteship: N205
All the days of the vow must be fulfilled: N209
All the days of the vow of his Naziriteship there shall no razor come upon his head: P92
All the days of the vow of his separation (Naziriteship): N209
All the days wherein the plague is in him he shall be unclean: P112
All the deceiving sounds of the fleshly minds not be heard in us any longer: (REV)
All the first-born of man among thy sons shalt thou redeem: P82
All the inhabitants: P136
All the living creatures that are in the waters: N173
All the males: P52
All the males appear before YHWH: P52
All the nations have drunk of the wine of passion of her immorality: (REV)
All the people that are found therein shall become tributary unto thee: P190
All the peoples: P8
All the peoples shall see the name of YHWH: P8
All the places: P185
All the spiritual bodies cannot be buried, but are raised to His Kingdom of Life: (REV)
All the spiritual bodies (souls) go to first resurrection: (REV)
All the spoil of it gathered: P186
All the spoil of it thou shalt gather into the midst of the broad place thereof: P186
All the spoil thereof every whit for YHWH thy Eloheyak: P186
All the temples (hearts of mortals) are measured: (REV)
All the tithe of the herd or the flock: P78
All the tribes (perishable bodies) will mourn, and they (imperishable ones) will see Him: (MESS)
All the works of uncleanness are up to bridles (rewards) of the fleshly minded: (REV)
All their sins: P49
All these things (from His Kingdom) take place: (REV)
All thine enemies: N59
All this word which I command you: N313
All thy borders: N118
All thy days: N56
All tithe of the land: P127
All tithing is YHWH’s: P127
All who worship the beast are not written in the life of Life: (REV)
All winged swarming things are unclean unto you: N175
All winged swarming things that go upon all fours: N174
All Yisrael shall hear, and fear: N16
Allow not meat of Pesach lamb to remain till morning (N117)
Allow the redemption to the Hebrew bondmaid (P234)
Alms: N232
Altar: P24
Altar of stone: N79
Always prepare for His coming: (MESS)
Amalek: P188
Among thy brethren: P173
An Ammonite or a Moabite shall not enter into the assembly of YHWH: N53
An eagle flying in the middle of heaven: (REV)
An eternal gospel to preach to all: (REV)
An idol (el): N22
An offering made by fire: N92
An uncircumcised person may not eat terumah (N135)
An uncircumcised person may not eat the Pesach offering (N127)
An unclean thing shall not be eaten: N130
An unique day known to YHWH, for all the works of mortality fled from His judgment (wrath): (MESS)
Ancient Hebrew alphabet: P1
Anger: N52
Annul vows: P95
Anoint none with any oil except the Holy Priest: N84
Anoint none with special oil except Cohen Gadol (the High Priest) and King (N84)
Anointing oil of YHWH is upon you: N165
Anointing with oil: P225
Anointment: P40
Answer of peace: P190
Any alien shall not eat thereof: N128
Any blood ye shall not eat in any of your dwellings: N184
Any common man shall not eat of the holy thing: N133
Any devoted thing: N110
Any fat of ox, or sheep, or goat ye shall not eat: N185
Any flesh that is torn of the beasts in the field shall you not eat: N181
Any image of stone not placed in your land: N12
Any likeness of anything in earth beneath: N2
Any likeness of anything in heaven above: N2
Any likeness of anything in water under the earth: N2
Any liquor of grapes he shall not drink: N202
Any man, if his wife go aside, and she commits a trespass against him: P223
Any man of the seed of Aharon: N136
Any man of the seed of Aharon who is a leper, or hath an issue: N136
Any man that hath a blemish: N71
Any manner of likeness: N2
Any manner of servile work: P45
Any manner of servile work you shall not do: P45
Any of thy seed thou shalt not give to set them apart to Molech: N7
Any one aware of evidence must come to court to testify (P178)
Anyone does abide in Me. vs. anyone does not abide in Me and they (evil deeds) are burned: (MESS)
Any one if he commit a trespass and sin through error: P71
Any one must not go back to the house/kingdom or field/heart of mortality: (MESS)
Any one uncircumcised shall not eat thereof: N127
Anyone's name (fleshly body) not found written in the book of life: (REV)
Any servile work ye shall not do: P162
Any thing that is made of the grape-vine: N205
Anything that is thy neighbor's: N265
Any vow: N100
Any widow or orphan shall you not afflict: N256
Any work of labor ye shall not do: P167
Any work ye shall not do: P48
Any work ye shall not do in that same day: N329
Apocryphal books on full moon: P42
Apostasy: P18
Apostates: N16
Appetites: P86
Application of Oil as a Remedy: P35
Appointed season: P57
Appointing Judges and Officers of the Court in every town (P176)
Ark: N68
Armies of His horsemen bearing His works of judgment (fire, smoke, brimstone): (REV)
As a servant hired year by year shall he be with him: N260
As for the flesh: N130
As for the flesh, every one that is clean may eat of the flesh: P90
As I commanded thee: P52
As I command them, so shall ye observe to do: N308
As in the days of the impurity of her sickness shall she be unclean: P100
As long as thou livest upon thy land: N229
As of the roebuck and as of the hart: P86
As Our lion roars, we hear His sounds of salvation coming to us: (REV)
As YHWH thy Eloheyak hath commanded thee: P187
Ascending and descending on the Son of Man: (MESS)
Ascension of Yahushua our Messiah and His return: (MESS)
Asherah (grove): N13
Ashes: P30
Ask diligently of YHWH: P179
Ass (donkey): P81
Assemble the people: P16
Assembly: P16
Assembly of YHWH: N354
At dusk they shall keep it: P57
At even, you shall eat unleavened bread: P158
At last He stands (judges) upon the earth: (MESS)
At the end of every seven years that thou shalt make a release: P141
At the end of every three years thou shalt bring forth all the tithe of thine increase: P130
At the end of seven years: P16
At the end of three years: P130
At the mouth of three witnesses: N288
At the mouth of two witnesses: N288
At the mouth of witnesses shall be slain the murder: N291
At the place which YHWH your Elohim shall choose: P83
At the time appointed in the month Abib: N156
Atonement: P49
Atonement day (Yom Kippurim): P48
Aunt: N342
Avarice: N231
Avenger: P225
Avenger of the blood: P225
Axe: N57
Babylon the great city thrown down with violence and not be found no longer: (REV)
Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth: (REV)
Backsliding: N46
Backwardness of Temple of YHWH: P42
Bag: N272
Baking: P40
Balances: P208
Bald locust: P151
Baldness: N45
Banishment (impurity/uncleanness/infirmity): P99
Baptism of Holy Spirit: P45
Baptism of Holy Spirit (pillar of cloud) and (pillar of) fire: P28
Barley (meal): P117
Base Fellows: N16
Base of the altar: P72
Base thought: N231
Bastard: N354
Bat: N174
Bat-Cohen if married to non-Cohen not to eat holy food (N137)
Bathe in water (sprinkling water, water baptism): P113
Battle: P191
Battle against thine enemies: P221
Battlement: P191
Be accursed like unto it: N25
Be fruitful and multiply: P212
Be her husband, and she shall be thy wife: P221
Be holy unto your Eloheynu: P14
Be not accursed: N25
Be not fashioned to this world: (MESS)
Be not lax: N67
Be not lax in guarding the Sanctuary (Temple) (N67)
Be on a distant way: P57
Be perfect: P61
Be perfect as I am perfect: P61
Be satisfied: P131
Be unclean until the even: P105
Be ye holy, for I am holy: N177
Bear his iniquity: P178
Bear not grudge against the children of people: P206
Bear their iniquity: P23
Beard: N43
Bearded vulture (ossifrage): N174
Beast: P72
Beast for beast: N106
Beat him above these with many strips: P224
Beaten for the light: P25
Beatings: P224
Because he cheweth the cud but parteth not the hoof: P96
Because he hath a blemish: N69
Because he hath brought up an evil name upon a virgin of Yisrael: P219
Because he hath found in her some unseemly thing: P213
Because he hath humbled her: P218
Because he hath humbled the wife of his neighbor: P229
Because he parteth the hoof, and is cloven-footed, but cheweth not the cud: P96
Because he parteth the hoof but not cheweth not the cud: N172
Because of all their sins once in the year: P49
Because of these abominations YHWH thy Eloheyak is driving them out from before thee: N31
Because she cried not, being in the city: P229
Because the offering of YHWH he brought not in its appointed season: P57
Because the service of the holy things belonged to them: P34
Because the water of impurity was not dashed against him: P108
Because they are holy: N149
Because they chew the cud but part not the hoof: N172
Because thou hast humbled her: N263
Because thou wast a stranger in his land: N54
Bed: P236
Before the ark-cover which is upon the ark: N68
Before the blind do not put a stumbling block: N299
Before the hoary head thou shalt rise up: P209
Before the mercy seat: N68
Before the priest the Levites: P17
Beginnings of your months: P42
Begotten of thy father: N333
Being unclean: N150
Belly: N178
Benedictions: P26
Benevolence: P121
Beside the altar of YHWH thy Eloheyak, which thou shalt make thee: N13
Beside the other in her lifetime: N345
Besides the ram of the atonement shall be made for him: P73
Besides the sale of his patrimony: P36
Besiege a city for many days: N57
Besiege it: P190
Best of his field: P240
Best of his vineyard: P240
Between Me and between you and between thy seed after thee: P215
Between Me and thy seed: P215
Between Me and you: P215
Between the evenings: P43
Bewail: N163
Bewail of her father and her mother for a full month: P221
Beware of false lambs: P39
Beware of false servants/prophets: P143
Beware of false teachers who mislead those astray: P204
Beware of leaven: P40
Beware of the false swearers: P7
Beware unto thyself that there be not a base thought in thy heart: N231
Bid them: P14
Bill of Divorcement: P213
Bill of Divorcement written: P213
Binding on the hand: P13
Binding on the head: P12
Birds: P148
Birds obeyed: P150
Birds of the air: P150
Bitter herbs: P56
Blasphemy: N60
Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit: N60
Blasphemy against the Son/Messiah: N60
Blast: P163
Blemish: P61
Bless thee: N240
Bless YHWH thy Elohim: P19
Blessed are the dead who die in the Master from now on!: (REV)
Blessed are you who weep, for you shall laugh vs. Woe to you who laugh, for you shall mourn: (MESS)
Blessed Inheritance: P182
Blessed is he who heeds the words of the prophecy of this book: (REV)
Blessedness of those who hunger and thirst for righteousness: P98
Blessings: P5
Blessings of Sanctuary: P20
Blessings on possessions: P117
Blood: P56
Blood Forbidden: P86
Blood hath he shed: N90
Blood is the life: N182
Blood shall be inputed unto that man: N90
Blood sprinkled: P56
Blood upon Men: P184
Blood upon thy house: P184
Bloodguiltiness: N90
Blot out the remembrance of Amalek: P188
Blotted out those who are not righteous: P142
Blotted out sins (debts): P141
Blow Shofar (Horn) on Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) in the Jubilee & slavery freed (P137)
Blowing horns: P170
Blue: P14
Body not remained all night: P231
Body of man: P108
Body Sacred: N41
Bondage of Yisrael: P1
Bonding: P95
Bondman: N254
Bondmen for ever: P235
Bondservants: P232
Bone: P57
Books: P17
Books for the dead and the book of Life: (REV)
Booths: P168
Borders: P182
Borders of their garments: P14
Born abroad: N332
Borrowing aught from neighbor: P244
Both male and female shall ye put out: P31
Both Mind (Word of Messiah) and Body (Act/Temple of Holy Spirit) are in one agreement : P24
Both of Man and of Beast: P79
Both of man and of beast, it is Mine: P79
Both of the most holy, and of the holy, he may eat: N71
Both parties: P246
Bottomless pit (under our feet): (REV)
Boughs: P169
Boughs of thick trees: P169
Bound Satan for a thousand years (our spiritual dominion): (REV)
Bow down unto it: N12
Branches: P169
Branches of palm-trees: P169
Brazen altar: P29
Bread: P5
Bread of affliction: N199
Bread of Life: P5
Bread, parched grain, or fresh ears ye shall not eat: N189
Bread of thy Elohim: P32
Break His Commandments: P131
Break its neck if not redeemed: P81
Break the heifer’s neck: P181
Breaking of the Bread: P27
Breaking the neck of the firstling of an ass (P82)
Breastplate: N87
Brethren (Brothers): P216
Bribery: N274
Bride (New wife): P214
Bridegroom: P214
Bring a sin-offering unto the door of the tent of meeting unto the priest: P76
Bring her to home: P221
Bring them unto the priest to the door of the tent of meeting: P75
Bringeth it not unto the door of the tabernacle of congregation: N90
Bringing iniquity to remembrance: P223
Broken-footed: N71
Broken-handed: N71
Brooks: P169
Brothers (Brethren): P17
Brother’s wife: P217
Brotherly love: P204
Brothers dwell together: P216
Bruised: N93
Build fence on roof, remove potential hazards from home (P184)
Build not an Altar of stones which were touches by man (N79)
Build the bullwards against the wicked city that makes a war against thou: N57
Building a new house: P184
Bullocks (Herd): P42
Bulwarks: N57
Burden: P202
Burdens on fleshly Shoulder: P83
Buried with Him: N66
Burn Consecrated Offerings that’ve become tameh/unclean (P90)
Burn remnant of Consecrated Offerings not eaten in time (P91)
Burn with fire: N22
Burning: P228
Burning of the heifer: P113
Burnt offering of Shabbat: P41
Burnt-offerings: P29
Burnt-offerings and other offerings: P45
Bury the body that day: P231
Burying: P231
Busybodies: N297
But a virgin of his own people shall he take (to) wife: P38
But roast with fire: P56
But that which remaineth of it until morning you shall burn with fire: P56
But the man that is clean, and is not on a journey: P57
But these are they of which you shall not eat: P150
But thou be snared therein: N22
But thou shalt not cut them down: N57
But thou shalt utterly destroy them: N49
Buy of thy neighbor's hand: N250
Buying a Hebrew servant: P232
Buying of neighbor’s hand: P245
By his doing any of the commandments of YHWH: P69
By His name shall thou swear: P4
By little and little: N58
By number: P224
By strength of YHWH’s hand: N197
By the going down of the sun thou shall restore it to him: P199
By touching carcasses of eight creeping creatures (P97)

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