The index of
613 Mitzvot (Commandments of Life)
(where each statement has its comments
with the P/N number listed
excluding some with (REV) or (MESS) commentaries)
(REV): commentary of Book of Revelation
(MESS): commentary of Messianic comings

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Paddle: P192
Palm-trees: P169
Parable of Good seed - tares: (MESS)
Parable of His first coming, going, and second coming for every man (Matthew 25): (MESS)
Parable of sheep (spiritual bodies) and goats (fleshly bodies): (MESS)
Parable of Talents: P141
Parable of the fig tree: (MESS)
Parable of the Net: (MESS)
Parable of the Pounds: P142
Parable of the prodigal son: P142
Parable of the rich fool: P86
Parable of the righteous and the contempt: P49
Parable of the Ten Virgins: MESS
Parable of the Vineyard: N202
Parapet: P184
Paraphet (battlement) for the roof: P184
Parallel of Worldly Sanctuary (made by hands and Spiritual Sanctuary (not made by hands): P20 (MESS)
Parched grain: N189
Pare her nails: P221
Parents’ Sins: N5
Parental Duty: P10
Part the hoof: P96
Partiality Forbidden: P177
Pass to daughter: P248
Pass under the rod: P78
Patrimony: P36
Pay a hundred shekels of silver: P219
Pay double: P242
Pay dowry of virginity: P220
Pay fifteen shekels of silver: P218
Pay for four sheep: P239
Pay for the loss of his time: P236
Pay for the five oxen: P239
Peace (Shalom): P26
Peace-offerings: P59
Peals of thunder (heavenly trumpets over the repentant ones): (REV)
Pelican: N174
People: N46
Perfection vs. imperfection: P61 (MESS)
Perform the duty of husband's brother unto her: P216
Perishable body and imperishable body: P61 (MESS)
Perjury: N61
Permitted (clean) animals or flocks in unity: N108
Perpetual statutes: P23
Perpetuity: P40
Persecutions from wickedness: P150
Personal Responsibility: N287
Pervert: P175
Pesach/Passover: P43
Pillar: N11
Pillar of cloud by day, pillar of fire by night: P28
Pillar of Salt: P62
Pinch off its head close by its neck: N112
Pinch off its head close by its neck, but shall not divide it asunder: P72
Pit: P238
Pity: N17
Place: P64
Plague: P101
Plagues in Book of Revelation: P101
Plagues used to test faithfulness: P101
Pledge: P199
Plow not a valley where slain body found (N309)
Plowing: P135
Plowing time: P135
Plucking ears: P201
Pollutions: P37
Pollutions of Temple: P21
Polygamy: N262
Poor: P114
Poor for his valuation: P114
Portion: P133
Portions to eat: P36
Possessed with devils: P117
Possession: P16
Praise YHWH: P19
Prepare place beyond the camp, so to keep sanitary (P192)
Prepare the way: P182
Present earth and heaven fled away and no place found for them: (REV)
Present heavens and earth are reserved for fire: (MESS)
Present heavens and earth, Day of judgment, new heavens and new earth: (MESS)
Pressed grapes: N205
Presses: P80
Presumption: N26
Presumptuously hath the prophet spoken it: N29
Price of a dog: N100
Pride: P17
Priest of priests: P74
Priest’s dues: P143
Priest’s Food: P88
Priest’s garments: P30
Priests: P17
Priests Holy: N76
Priests (Minds) and Kings (Bodies): P24
Priests’ Inheritance: P183
Proclamation: P136
Proclamation made: P137
Profanation: N7
Profanation of Bread (Word): P27
Profane His name and things: P9
Profane not the name of thy Eloheyak: N7
Profane the Name if swearing falsely: N61
Profaned: N158
Profaned woman: P38
Profanity: P9
Promise to Obedient: N5
Promised land: P16
Promising inheritance: P182
Pronouncement: P72
Pronouncement (Lips) of His Name and Heart of Performance: P8
Proof: N28
Prophet: P172
Proselytes: N127
Prosperity: P18
Prosperity Promised: N24
Providence: P148
Provoking Elohim: P18
Pure olive oil: P25
Pure olive oil, beaten for a light: P25
Purification: P76
Purity: N333
Push with his horn in past time: P237
Put away leaven out of your house: P156
Put it in their mouths: P18
Put it on the fire which is under the sacrifice of peace-offerings: P93
Put not Frankincense: P67
Put not thy hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness: N281
Put off the raiment of her captivity: P221
Put on other garments: P30
Put on the fringe of each border of blue: P14
Put thine hand: P198
Put to death: N60
Putting away evil from among you: P229
Putting in on the fire: P93
Putting to death: P230
Quarantine: P31
Ram: P42
Ransom: P171
Rash Oaths: P72
Raw: N125
Razor: P92
Readiness: P56
Reap not a whole field without leaving corners for poor (N210)
Reap not after growths of Jubilee year as ordinary year (N225)
Reap not self-growth plant in 7th year as ordinary (N222)
Reap not wholly: P120
Reap where I did not sow: N210
Reaping: P120
Rebuild not a city destroyed as punishment for idolatry (N23)
Rebuke: P205
Receipt of Holy Spirit into your heart: P72
Red heifer (no blemish): P113
Reddish: P102
Redeem it: P115
Redeem not the firstling: N108
Redeem not the firstborn of permitted (clean) animals (N108)
Redeem the firstling of unclean beasts and man: N108
Redemption: P78
Refrain the blood of wickedness: P99
Refrain the strange teachings and obey His pure teachings: P28
Refuge: P225
Refuge of YHWH: P182
Refuse not to help man or animal collapsing with burden (N270)
Regard not that have familiar spirits: N8
Regulations for wars other than ones commanded in Torah (P190)
Rejoice before YHWH: P169
Rejoice over her (kingdom of harlotry): (REV)
Rejoicing: P54
Release: P141
Release her/the widow (Chalitzah) (P217)
Release it: P141
Remain in thy house: P221
Remarry not your divorced wife after she has remarried N356)
Remember all the commandments of YHWH: P14
Remember the Shabbat day, to keep it holy: P155
Remember this day: N197
Remember this day, in which you went out of Egypt, out of the house of bondage: N197
Remember what Amalek did unto thee by the way as ye came forth out of Egypt: P189
Remembrance: P188
Remembrance of Amalek: N59
Removal of the first heaven and the first earth when the Lamb comes down: (REV)
Removing the veil of temple: P25
Removing unclean persons: P31
Repentance: P49
Replenish the earth: P212
Replenish the earth and subdue it: P212
Reproach: P231
Reproach unto Elohim: N66
Reproof (Rebuke): P205
Requirements: N155
Resist the devil: N17
Respect not either for the poor or the mighty: P177
Respect what is right: P177
Rest: P134
Rest enjoined: N320
Rest from all fleshly labors: P51
Rest from thine enemies: P188
Restitution: P73
Restoration: P194
Restore him to city of refuge: P225
Restriction: P51
Resurrection of Life (spiritual body) and resurrection of judgment (fleshly body): (MESS)
Retaliation Forbidden: P206
Retribution: P180
Return every man to his possession and every man to his family: P136
Return no more: N46
Revelation 20:1-8 - Thousand years (dominion): (REV)
Reverence for aged (Honor the face of old man): P209
Reversion of the land to ancestral owners in Jubilee year (P138)
Reverence for the Sanctuary: P21
Reverence of Temple: P21
Reviling: N60
Rich man (fleshly minded) and poor man/Lazarus (spiritual minded): (MESS)
Riches Perilous: N364
Right hand: P174
Righteous judgment: P176
Righteousness: P177
Rigor: P235
Rings: N86
Rings of ark: N86
Rings of ephod: N87
Rise again: P236
Rise before hoary head: P209
Rivers: P152
Roast with fire: P56
Robbery: P194
Rock-badger (coney): P96
Rocky ground vs. Good ground: P125
Rod: P78
Roof: P184
Rosh Hashanah: P42
Rough valley: N309
Rulers’ Duty: P17
Sacred Places: P16
Sacrifices: P59
Sacrificing the First-born of clean (permitted) cattle (P79)
Sacrilege: N131
Salt: P62
Salt of covenant of the Elohim: P62
Salvation and glory and power belong to YHWH: (REV)
Same day: P231
Same year: P130
Sanctification: P32
Sanctify unto Me all the first-born: P79
Sanctify yourselves: N177
Sanctuary: P71
Sanctuary: Temple/Dwelling/Tabernacle (Mishkan): P22
Sanhedrin to sanctify New Moon, & reckon years & seasons (P153):
Satan (The Beast): P79 (MESS)
Satan bounded, not deceive the nations, released, deceive them till the ends of fleshly ages: (REV)
Satan comes out before the ends of fleshly ages: (REV)
Satan fell down during His last days, deceives, the inhabitants, bounded, released: (REV)
Satan is thrown into the abyss, is shut, and sealed till all these things are done: (REV)
Satan's authority of lawlessness given to the beasts (evil empire): (REV)
Satan’s release (last 3½ days) to end the fleshly age before his dominion taken away: (MESS)
Satisfaction: P19
Save life of one pursued, even if need - kill oppressor (P247)
Save nothing for them: N49
Say unto them: N166
Saying: Let us go after other Elohim, which thou hast not known: N28
Scabbed: N71
Scales: P152
Scall: N307
Scarlet: P113
Scattered sheep (fleshly bodies) vs. gathered sheep (spiritual bodies): (MESS)
Scriptural examples of His first and second comings: (MESS)
Scurvy: N71
Sea gave up the dead: (REV)
Seal up the things when the seven peals of thunder is spoken: (REV)
Sea-mew (gull): N174
Search in heart: P179
Search “The Word”: P17
Searching for the prescribed signs in beasts, for eating (P149)
Searching for the prescribed signs in birds, for eating (P150)
Searching for the prescribed signs in fish, for eating (P152)
Searching for the prescribed signs in locusts, for eating (P151)
Seas: P152
Second death: (REV)
Second month: P57
Second Passover: P43
Seducers: N16
See that YHWH hath given you the Shabbat: N321
Seed: P100
Seed of the land: P127
Seek for removal of iniquity: P178
Seek not after wizards: N8
Seek not peace: P66
Seek not their peace: N56
Seek not their prosperity all your days for ever: N56
Seek the spiritual possessions: P117
Seek them not out: N8
Seek YHWH: P83
Selfishness: N232
Selfsame day: P162
Sell it: P239
Sell not one's Eretz Yisrael land holding permanently (N227)
Selling: P227
Selling aught to Neighbor: P245
Selling him: P227
Sentence: P174
Separation: P31
Separate the unholy things from the holy things: P75
Serpents, scorpions and locusts (spirits of lawlessness): (REV)
Serpents, scorpions, and locusts (spirits of lawlessness) dominating the fleshly minded: (REV)
Serve Elohim: P4
Serve Him in sincerity and in truth: P5
Serve not their idols: N49
Serve YHWH with all thy heart: P3
Served other elohim: P18
Service of the Tent: N74
Servile work: P162
Serving idols (false elohim): N52
Serving thee: P190
Set apart of it YHWH’s gift: P129
Set apart of the threshing-floor: P133
Set feasts: P59
Set it down before YHWH: P132
Set upon the table: P27
Settlers: N227
Seven: P42
Seven assemblies (churches): (REV)
Seven days: P43
Seven days leaven shall not be found in your houses: N201
Seven days shall she be in her banishment: P99
Seven days thou shalt eat unleavened bread: P52
Seven days ye shall bring an offering made by fire to YHWH: P167
Seven days ye shall eat unleavened bread: P43
Seven first-year he-lambs: P42
Seven nations greater and stronger than you: P187
Seven peals of thunder spoken at the beginning of spiritual life: (REV)
Seven seals: (REV)
First seal (Our conquest of the world of lawlessness thru Him)
Second seal (His peace in us vs. the fleshly world of peace)
Third seal (His scales of our opposite works)
Fourth seal (Our bodies died in Messiah and authorization to rebuke spirits of lawlessness)
Fifth seal (Our affliction with Him for His testimony of truths)
Sixth seal (Our fleshly powers of darkness weakened by His Word of Life)
Seventh seal (His sincerity/truth in us silence all the works of ignorance/foolishness)
Seven seals, seven trumpets, seven vials (bowls of His wrath): (REV)
Seven Shabbats: P140
Seven times: P113
Seven trumpets: (REV)
First trumpet (Our spiritual battle against the spirits of lawlessness)
Second trumpet (Our knowledge and labor of evilness thrown into the sea/lake of fire)
Third trumpet (Our fleshly works consumed/wormed while growth in Messiah)
Fourth trumpet (Three things of darkness thrown to earth upon our repentance)
Fifth trumpet (Our kingdoms/bodies of lawlessness put under His feet/bottomless pit)
Sixth trumpet (His deliverance of us to His living waters)
Seventh trumpet (Our spiritual kingdoms/production are His Kingdom/possession of Life)
Seven vials/bowls of His wrath: (REV)
First vial (His wrath in us authorized to rebuke all the spirits of lawlessness)
Second vial (His wrath in us rebukes works of death while renewing in Him)
Third vial (His wrath in us purifies works of uncleanness out)
Fourth vial (His wrath in us scorch/burn works of blasphemy/unforgiveness)
Fifth vial (His wrath in us rebuke works/deeds of darkness)
Sixth vial (His wrath in us rebuke works of cold-hearted/lawless deeds)
Seventh vial (His wrath in us completed of our spiritual trials)
Seven years: P16
Seven years seven times: P140
Seventh day: P102
Seventh day of Unleavened Bread: P156
Seventh day to rest: P135
Seventh month: P47
Seventh Shabbat: P46
Seventh year: P134
Seventy weeks to finish our transgressions: (MESS)
Shabbat: P49
Shabbat day: P41
Shabbat day as holy: P155
Shabbat made for man: P21
Shabbat made for man, not man for Shabbat: P21
Shabbat Observance: P21
Shabbat of solemn rest: N220
Shabbat(s): P140
Shabbat(s) in New Testaments: P21
Shabbats of years: P140
Shabbatic Year: P16
Shall a matter be established: N288
Shall break the heifer's neck there in the valley: N309
Shall bring her offering for her the tenth part of an ephah of barley meal: P223
Shall cause him to be thoroughly healed: P236
Shall he let her be redeemed: P233
Shall he make restitution: P240
Shall he that smote him be quit: P236
Shall his brother’s wife draw nigh unto him in the presence of the elders: P217
Shall it be done unto the man that will not build up his brother’s house: P217
Shall not be affrighted at them: N58
Shall not cut yourselves: N45
Shall not divide it asunder: N112
Shall not exact it: P141
Shall not fix imprints of marks (tattoos) on yourselves: N41
Shall not hide yourself from the helpless: P203
Shall not make baldness between your eyes for the dead: N45
Shall not make cuttings for the dead in your flesh: N41
Shall not mar the corner of your beard: N43
Shall not mention the name of other elohim: N14
Shall not profane my holy name: P9
Shall not revile Elohim: N60
Shall not round the corner of your head: N43
Shall not rule one over another with rigor: P235
Shall not see the helpless without assistance: P203
Shall not wear a mingled stuff together: N42
Shall the sin-offering be slaughtered before YHWH: P64
Shall the man bring his wife unto the priest: P223
Shall they slaughter the guilt-offering: P65
Shall thou not uncover: N330
Shall thy valuation be fifty shekels of silver, after the shekel of the sanctuary: P114
Shall ye observe to offer unto Me in its due season: P39
Shalt lay it up within thy gates: P130
Shalt thou do with his ass: N269
Shalt thou do with his garment: N269
Shalt thou do with every lost thing of thy brother: N269
Shaul was flashed by His Light from heaven at his beginning of spiritual life: (MESS)
Shave off the edges of the beards or baldness on their heads: N209
Shaving: P93
Shaving for vows or sanctification or spiritual production at the end of flesh: P93
Shaving her head: P221
Shaving when unclean or in grief: P93
She be defiled secretly: P223
She bear a man-child: P100
She is thine aunt: N342
She is thy father's near kinswoman: N340
She is thy mother: N330
She is thy sister: N333
She of the heavenings of the holy things shall not eat: N137
She shall answer and say: P217
She shall be brought forth without the camp: P113
She shall be unclean seven days: P100
She shall bring a lamb of the first year for a burnt offering: P76
She shall number to herself seven days: P75
She shall put off the raiment of her captivity from her: P221
She shall remain in thy house: P221
She shall shave her head, and pare her nails: P221
She shall touch no hallowed thing: N129
Sheaf: P44
Shearing: N113
Sheaves: P122
Sheep (Flocks): P55
Shekel of sanctuary: P114
Shekels (Weights and Measures of valuation): P71
Shewbread: P27
Shewbread before Me: P27
Shiekimah: N68
Sh’ma: P10
Shocks of corn: P241
Shoes: P217
Shoe removed: P217
Shofar (blast of the horn): P137
Shoulder: P143
Show no mercy to them: N48
Showing mercy unto the thousandth generation of them that love Me: N5
Sickle: P201
Sickness: P5
Side-posts: P56
Siege: P190
Sign: P12
Sign of Jonah (repentance): (MESS)
Sign upon thy hand: P157
Silver: P71
Silver and gold shall he not greatly multiply to himself: N364
Sin: P57
Sin against YHWH: N49
Sin and blasphemy is forgiven but against Holy Spirit is not forgiven: N60 (MESS)
Sin of Ignorance: P68
Sin-offerings: P64
Sin through error (ignorance): P118
Sin willfully after receiving the knowledge of Messiah (Spirit-birth): P72
Sinful Imitation: P175
Sin’s Misery: P18
Sin’s Penalty: N26
Sinew (tendon, physical strength): N183
Sins of Youth: P148
Sister: N332
Sitting down abroad: P192
Sitting upon the young or eggs: P148
Six day work: P135
Six days: P135
Six days thou shalt (do thy) work: P135
Six hundred sixty-six: (REV)
Six years: P232
Sixth day: N321
Sixty years: P114
Skin: P101
Slander: P219
Slaughter: P55
Slaughter an ox, or a lamb, or goat: N90
Slaughter not consecrated animals outside Temple Court (N90)
Slaughter not Pesach/Passover lamb if chametz (leavened bread) is about (N115)
Slaughter the Lamb between the evenings: P55
Slaughtering animals, according to Torah, before eating (P146)
Slave: N263
Sleep in his garment: P199
Smite the other with a stone: P236
Smite them: N48
Smiting: P236
Smiting his maid: P226
Smiting his servant: P226
Smoke of a great furnace goes up out of the bottomless pit: (REV)
Snares (worldly): N22
So is this matter: N294
So that thou profane the name of thy Eloheyak: N61
So will the anger of YHWH be kindled against you: N52
So ye sin against YHWH your Eloheykem: N49
Sodden: N125
Sodomite: N355
Sojourners: P36
Sold house: N228
Solemn rest: P49
Some of those will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming: (MESS)
Some unseemly thing: P213
Son: P76
Son, daughter, the man-servant, the maid-servant: P54
Son of Man in the middle of the golden lampstands: (REV)
Son of Man sitting at the right hand of power, and coming on the clouds of heaven: (MESS)
Son's daughter: N334
Song: P18
Sons of Yisrael: N355
Sorcerer: N31
Sorceress: N310
Sorcery: N31
Soothsayers: N32
Soothsaying: N31
Soul: P3
Soul shall not be afflicted on Yom Kippurim: N196
Sovereignty of Elohim: P84
Sowing: P117
Speak the Word: P57
Speak unto Aharon and his sons: P26
Speak unto Aharon thy brother: N68
Speak unto Aharon: N70
Speak unto the priests the sons of Aharon: P37
Speak with (unto) the children of Yisrael: P14
Spirit of jealousy::P223
Spirit of Wisdom: P33
Spiritual Adam: P79
Spiritual Adoption: P26
Spiritual Adultery: (Unfruitfulness): P14
Spiritual Being: P3
Spiritual body (members) vs. fleshly body (members): (MESS)
Spiritual Desire: P36
Spiritual farming: N13
Spiritual food more worthy: P88
Spiritual Levitical services: P23
Spiritual sacrifices: N7
Spiritual Talk: P10
Spiritual Temple: P23
Spritiual Tests: N28
Spiritual tithing: P129
Spiritual works are near YHWH: P146
Spit before him: P217
Spoil: P186
Spread the garment: P219
Sprinkle of the blood: P72
Stacks of corn: P241
Staff: P56
Standing corn: P201
Standing image: N12
Statutes: P24
Staves/poles: N86
Steadfastness: P5
Stealing: P227
Stealing a man: P227
Stealing ox: P239
Stealing sheep: P239
Stephen saw Yahushua coming in the clouds (heavens) and was received at his fleshly end: (MESS)
Steps: N80
Stolen out of man’s house: P242
Stone him: N60
Stones: P229
Stones that they die: P229
Stoning: P229
Stork: N174
Straightforwardness: P17
Strange incense: N82
Strange offerings on incense: P28
Strangers (Common men): P16
Straying to impurity: N47
Strength: N241
Strength of Bread (Word): P27
Stripes: P224
Strive together: P236
Strong drink: N73
Strong hand of YHWH: P157
Stubbornness: N195
Study: P11
Study His Torah during the Shabbats: P41
Study not the practices of idolatry: N10
Stumbling-block: N299
Subdue it: P212
Submit to the test: P223
Success in his name: P216
Such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will: (MESS)
Sufficiency: P195
Sufficient for his need: P195
Suicide: N243
Sum: P171
Sun: P199
Sun, moon, stars (fleshly powers) weakened before His day of judgment (salvation): (MESS)
Sun of righteousness (YHWH) vs. darkened sun (Satan): (MESS)
Sure death: P227
Sure punishment: P226
Suspected adulteress: P223
Suspected adulteress has to submit to the required test (P223)
Suspensive Guilt-Offering if doubt of breaking a karet (excommunication or cut off) (P70)
Swarming thing: N177
Swarming thing that moveth upon the earth: N177
Swear an oath to bind with a bond upon his soul: N157
Swear by his name: P7
Swear not by an idol nor instigate an idolater to do so (N14)
Swear not by the idol: N14
Sweareth an oath to bind with a bond upon his soul: P95
Swearing: P72
Sweet incense: P28
Sweet Savour: P39
Swine: P96

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