The index of
613 Mitzvot (Commandments of Life)
(where each statement has its comments
with the P/N number listed
excluding some with (REV) or (MESS) commentaries)
(REV): commentary of Book of Revelation
(MESS): commentary of Messianic comings

613 Mitzvot
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Mitzvot P1-P9,   P10-P19,   P20-P28,   P29-P38,   P39-P44,   P45-P53,   P54-P60,   P61-P71,   P72-P76,   P77-P91,
P92-P95,   P96-P105,   P106-P113,   P114-P124,   P125-P133,   P134-P142,   P143-P152,   P153-P170,
P171-P184,   P185-P189,   P190-P193,   P194-P208 P209-P223,   P224-P231 P232-P235,   P236-P248
N1-N21,   N22-N45,   N46-N59,   N60-N66,   N67-N88,   N89-N122 N122-N157,   N158-N171,   N172-N201,
N202-N209,   N210-N229,   N230-N272,   N273-N329,   N330-N361,   N362-N365

Cake: P133
Camels (known for their long durations without drinking water): P96
Captive: P221
Captive women treated according to special regulations (P221)
Captives carried: P221
Captivity: P221
Carcass: P72
Carrion-vulture: N174
Carry forth the ashes without the camp unto a clean place: P30
Carved images: N22
Case: P246
Case of both parties: P246
Cast two eyes into the hell (His examination/consummation): (MESS)
Catch in thorns: P241
Cattle (cow): P60
Caught in the snare of wickedness: P150
Cause: P175
Cause a lamp to burn continually: P25
Cause them to bear the iniquity that bringeth guilt: N153
Cedareawood: P113
Cedarwood, hyssop, scarlet cast into burning: P113
Census: P171
Certain men base fellows are gone out from the midst of thee: N16
Charge of the altar: N67
Charged not with any business: P214
Charmer: N31
Chastisement of man: P219
Chastity: N265
Cheer up his wife: P214
(Cherem vow) one devoted thing to Elohim, other to Cohanim (priests) (P145)
Chew the cud: P96
Childless widow marry none except late husband's brother (N357)
Children: P10
Children after you: P235
Children of lukewarmness: N8
Children of thy people: P206
Children of YHWH your Eloheykem: N45
Children of Yisrael: P14
Children that have not known: P16
Children unto 3rd and 4th generation that hate Me: N5
Chodesh (Full/New Moon/Purity): P42
Circumcise the flesh of your foreskin: P215
Circumcised shall be among you every male: P215
Circumcision: P215
Cities: P181
Cities of Refuge: P182
Cities YHWH gives you for an inheritance: N49
Clean place: P113
Cleanliness: P24
Cleansing: P24
Cleave nothing to your hand: N24
Cleave to Elohim: P6
Cleaving: N24
Clothes not rent: P112
Clothes rent: P112
Clothes washed: P111
Clothing of Righteous vs. Nakedness: P199
Cloven-footed: P96
Cohanim (priests) leave not Temple courtyard during the service (N165)
Cohen (priest) for special duties in war; also men unfit return (P191)
Cohen (priest) haGadol (the high) enter Sanctuary only at prescribed times (N68)
Cohen (priest) haGadol (the high) may not be under one roof with dead body (N167)
Cohen (priest) haGadol (the high) may not marry a widow (N161)
Cohen (priest) haGadol (the high) may not take a widow as a concubine (N162)
Cohen (priest) haGadol (the high) must not be defiled for any dead person (N168)
Cohen (priest) wearing rent garment may not enter the Sanctuary (N164)
Cohen (priest) who is tevul yom, not to minister in Sanctuary (N76)
Cohen (priest) with a blemish not to minister in the Sanctuary (N70)
Cohen (priest) with blemish enter not Temple, from Altar inwards (N69)
Cohen (priest) with disheveled hair may not enter the Sanctuary (N163)
Cohen (priest) with temporary blemish ministry not in Sanctuary (N71)
Come before YHWH unto the door of the tent of meeting: P74
Come in, go out by himself: P232
Come out of Egypt all the days of thy life: N199
Come out of her, My people, not participating in her sins: (REV)
Command the children of Yisrael: P39
Commandments (Mitzvah): P5
Commitment: P73
Commitment of a trespass: P223
Commitment of sin: P230
Common Cohen (priest) must not be defiled for dead, except some (N166)
Common knowledge of any man vs. Knowledge of Messiah for spirit-minded: P72
Common people: P69
Compassion: N24
Completing vow: P93
Composition: N83
Conception: P100
Conception from the full moon to the full moon: P42
Concepts of Light and darkness: P42
Condemnation: P246
Confession: P72
Confession of sin: P72
Congregation: P55
Congregation walk in the words of ignorance: P49
Conies (rock rabbits): P96
Connivance: P72
Consent: N17
Consecration: P32
Consulter with familiar spirits: N31
Consume not unredeemed 2nd oil tithe outside Yerushalam (N143)
Consume not unredeemed 2nd wine tithe outside Yerushalam (N142)
Consummation: P241
Consumption: P241
Contamination: P72
Contending: P236
Continual burnt incenses: P28
Continual burnt-offering (tamid): P39
Continual fire: N81
Convocation: P45
Cormorant (seabird): N174
Corn (Grain): P126
Corner: P14
Corner of the field: P120
Corruptible images vs. Incorruptible image of YHWH: N12
Corruption: N96
Couch: N347
Count from the morrow after day of rest: P161
Count the Omer the seven Shabbats from the first sheaf (Abib 16) (P161)
Countenance: P26
Counting: P161
Counting and announcing the years till the Jubilee year (P140)
Court: P88
Court may not convict by majority of 1 in capital case (N282)
Covenant: P18
Covenant breakers: P18
Cover himself (Shame): P112
Cover not his face (not shame): P112
Covering stone: N12
Covering with earth the blood of slain fowl and beast (P147)
Covet not one's possessions: N266
Covet not one's possessions, even the desire forbidden (N266)
Covetousness: P201
Cow: N101
Creditor: P197
Creeping things: P72
Creeping (swarming) things: P72
Cricket: P151
Cruelty: P189
Crushed: N93
Cry not being in the city: P229
Crying to YHWH: P200
Cud: P96
Curse not the ruler among thy people: N60
Cursing: N25
Cursing forbidden: N299
Cursings on their foolish possessions: P117
Customs: N30
Cut: N93
Cut not the cycle of spiritual life: N209
Cutting her hand: P247
Cuttings: N41
Cuttings for the dead person ye shall not make in your flesh: N41
Dam: P60
Damsel: P218
Damsel’s father: P218
Daniel entered into the rest, raised again at the end of his fleshly age: (MESS)
Darkened sun and moon (Satan's kingdom and his works/powers of darkness): (MESS)
Darkness: N78
Daughter: P76
Daughter of a priest: N137
Daughter-in-law: N343
Daughter's daughter: N334
Day: P16
Day and Night forever: (MESS)
Day of atonement: P49
Day of blowing the horns: P47
Day of blowing the horn it is unto you: P47
Day of Firstfruits: P45
Day of gladness: P59
Day of judgment (salvation): (MESS)
Day of judgment (wrath), Day of salvation (redemption), Day of Messiah (glory) for everyone: (MESS)
Day of Light revealed upon your repentance all works of darkness known: (MESS)
Days of her purification: P76
Days of tribulation: P42
Dead beast shall be his: P238
Dead Bodies: P31
Dead in Messiah (fleshly minded/sinners) vs. Rise in Messiah (repentant/spiritual births): (MESS)
Dead Men: P37
Dead person: N41
Deafness: N299
Dealt deceitfully with her: P233
Death: P107
Death and Hades thrown into the lake of fire: (REV)
Death flees from them: (REV)
Death is our last enemy: P107
Death of high priest: P225
Death Penalty: N60
Deceit: P233
Deceived lips: P72
Dedicate not a blemished animal to be offered on Altar (N91)
Defile not the land which YHWH gives thee: N66
Defile not their camp: N77
Defiled by them: N8
Defiled the land: P44
Defilement: P31
Defilement by touching certain animal carcasses, &... (P96)
Defilement of food & drink, if contacting unclean thing (P98)
Defilement of Sanctuary: P20
Delay not: P80
Delay not payment of offerings, freewill or obligatory (N155)
Deliverance: P1
Deliverance from our fleshly works: N197
Depart from Me, you (fleshly body) who practice of lawlessness: (MESS)
Deposit: P194
Descent of His Word and His ascension of Mount of Olives (our sanctified heart): (MESS)
Desire: P86
Desire with her: P221
Despise Me: P18
Destroy (cut off) not the trees: N57
Destroy (cut off) the trees not with foods: N57
Destroy the temple: P20
Destroy their powers: N50
Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up: (MESS)
Destruction: P185
Detention: P167
Detestation: N173
Devoted thing: N24
Die, hurt, or driven away: P243
Die not, but keep bed: P236
Die under his hand: P226
Dig a pit: P238
Dig therewith: P192
Disarrangement in the eye: N71
Dishonesty: N271
Dishonesty of tithes: P78
Dishonor: P224
Dishonor/Curse thy father & thy mother: P210
Dishonor of parents: P37
Dishonoring parents: N195
Displeasing in the eyes of her master: P233
Dispossession: P185
Diverse stones: N272
Divide into three parts: P182
Divination: N31
Divine Care: P184
Divine Commands: P183
Divine Compassion: N24
Divine Defense: P191
Divine Displeasure: N30
Divine Favour: P26
Divine Jealousy: N12
Divine Justice: N290
Divine Keeper: P26
Divine Leader: N63
Divine Ownership: P79
Divine Presence: P191
Divine Protection: P59
Divorce: P213
Divorce not wife, after falsely slandering her (N359)
Divorce not wife, that he has to marry after raping her (N358)
Divorced: P38
Do according to all that the priests the Levites shall teach you: N308
Do all My commandments: P14
Do any of the things of YHWH which ought not to be done: P70
Do His word daily: P113
Do not destroy houses of worship or holy books (N65)
Do not destroy the holy books: N65
Do not destroy the houses of worship: N65
Do not let your left hand know what your right hand does: (MESS)
Do not look at his appearance (fleshly body), but looks at his heart (spiritual body): (MESS)
Do not use anything connected with idols or idolatry (N25)
Do them: P14
Do you not know that you are a temple of Elohim and His Spirit dwells in you?: P20
Dogs: N100
Dominion: P212
Dominion over every living thing that creepeth on earth: P212
Dominion over the fish of sea: P212
Dominion over the fowl of heaven: P212
Doers: N150
Door: P63
Doorposts: P15
Dough: P133
Dowry: P220
Dreamer: N28
Dress: N39
Drink: P98
Drink-offering: P41
Drunk persons may not enter Sanctuary or teach Torah (Law) (N73)
Drunkenness: N195
Dry bones (dead body) to live/transform to spiritual body) upon repentance/restoration: (MESS)
Dusk/Even: P28
Dust: P147
Dust on heads: P147
Duty of husband: P216
Duty performance of husband’s brother: P216
Duty to Neighbors: P206
Dwell in booths: P168
Dwell until death of high priest: P225
Dwelling in the tabernacle of YHWH: P20
Dwellings: P46
Each one in his own order: (MESS)
Each spiritual work remains for reward, and his fleshly work is burnt up for his loss: (MESS)
Eagle: N174
Earth: P86
Earth of corruption, repentance and then earth of His sanctification: (MESS)
Earthen vessel: P98
Earthy Vision: N47
Eat not an unblemished firstling outside Yerushalam (N144)
Eat not bread made from grain of new crop, before Omer (N189)
Eat not green ears of new crop, before Omer (Nisan 16) (N191)
Eat not growth of mixed vineyard planting, kilai hakerem (N193)
Eat not lesser sacrifices before blood on Altar (N147)
Eat not meat of consecrated things that've become tameh (N130)
Eat not of it raw: P56
Eat not of it raw, nor sodden at all with water: P56
Eat not roasted grain of new crop, before Omer offering (N190)
Eat not sacrificial meat slaughtered in wrong intention (N132)
Eat not sin or guilt offerings outside Yerushalam (N145)
Eat not Sin-offering meat sacrificed within Sanctuary (N139)
Eat not the sinew of the thigh-vein: N183
Eat not unredeemed 2nd corn tithe outside Yerushalam (N141)
Eat not unredeemed 2nd tithe while in state of impurity (N150)
Eat of His flesh: P56
Eat of the bread of the land: P133
Eat of the trees of fruits: N57
Eggs: P148
Egypt: P1
Eighth day: P51
Eighth day of Sukkot: P167
Elders: P181
Eleazar the priest: P113
Eleazar the priest shall take of her blood with his finger: P113
Eliyahu does first come and restore all things: (MESS)
Eliyahu the prophet is sent to us before the coming of His great day: (MESS)
Eloheykem: N48
Elohim: P1
Elohim a Judge: N276
Elohim blessed them: P212
Elohim of Battles: P191
Elohim of bronze: N4
Elohim of gold: N4
Elohim of silver: N4
Elohim will surely require it of thee: N155
Elohim will wipe every tear from their eyes: (REV)
Elohim’s Anger: N24
Elohim’s Claims First: P79
Elohim’s Hand: N197
Elohim’s Holiness: P8
Elohim’s Name: P9
Elohim’s People: P8
Elohim’s Power: N58
Elohim's servants: N258
Elohim’s Voice: N150
Elohim’s Word Sacred: N26
Employee is allowed to eat the product he’s working in (P201)
Emptiness in heart: P72
Enchanter: N31
Encouragement: P191
End of wicked (kingdom of lawlessness) and beginning of His Kingdom of righteousness: (MESS)
Ends: N17
End-times harvest: P170
Enemies: P188
Enfeeblement: P189
Enlargement: P53
Enter through the narrow gate to Life vs. enter the wide way to destruction: (MESS)
Enticers: P187
Ephah, a measure: P40
Ephod: N87
Espouse: P233
Establishment in the faithfulness: P8
Establishment of His eternal Name: P8
Establishment of His people: P8
Eternal feasts: P52
Eunuchs: N360
Even an evil thing: N95
Even in the sinew of the thigh-vein: N183
Even in the tenth generation none enter into the assembly of YHWH for ever: N53
Even to the poor with thee: P197
Even unto the morrow after the seventh Shabbat: P46
Evening: P40
Every creditor shall release his hand that which he hath lent unto his neighbor: N230
Every devoted thing is most holy to YHWH: N110
Every earthen vessel, whereinto any of them falleth: P98
Every eye will see Him when He comes with the clouds: (REV)
Every firstling of an ass thou shalt redeem with a lamb: P82
Every firstling that is born of thy herd and of the flock, the male: N113
Every good tree (spiritual/imperishable body) and bad tree (fleshly/perishable body): (MESS)
Every home-born in Yisrael shall dwell in booths: P168
Every leafy tree: P185
Every living thing: P212
Every male: P215
Every male shall be circumcised: P215
Every man shall be put to death for his own sin: N287
Every man unto his family shall ye return: P136
Every man's work burnt up/loss, remains/reward, but saved at the end of fleshly age: (MESS)
Every meal-offering of the priest shall be wholly: N138
Every morning he shall burn it: P28
Every offering of thy meal-offering shalt thou season with salt: P62
Everyone believes in Him and will be raised up on the last day of his fleshly age: (MESS)
Everyone comes for His gospel in the present age, and has eternal life in the age to come: (MESS)
Everyone comes into his tent: P107
Everyone has the earthly image and the heavenly image: (MESS)
Everyone has the knowledge of good and evil that produces the opposing works
into the kingdom of darkness and His Kingdom of Light: (MESS)
Everyone has two opposing bodies (1 Corinthians 15:22-26, 42-54): (MESS)
Everyone hears His words, the spiritual one acts on them,
but the fleshly one does not act on them: (MESS)
Everyone tested of his service when hungry, thirsty, stranger, naked, sick, or imprisoned: (MESS)
Every one that eateth it shall bear his iniquity: N131
Every one that hath an issue: P31
Every one that is clean may eat of the flesh: N130
Every one will deliver his fleshly body to Satan and his spiritual body (soul) to Him
at the time of death: (MESS)
Every raven after its kind: N174
Every sin-offering, whereof of any of the blood is brought into the tent of meeting: N139
Every spiritual birth in the Spirit on His day of salvation: (MESS)
Every whit: P186
Everything that is in the tent: P107
Evil Association: P175
Evil Example: N30
Evil eye: N231
Evil Heart: P14
Evil Imagination: P18
Evil in heart: P205
Evil Influence: P187
Evil name: P219
Evil name on virgin of Yisrael: P219
Evil plowing and sowing, and reaping: P135
Evil Put Away: P180
Evil thought: N231
Ewe: P60
Exact: P141
Except for his kin: P37
Except for the honoring of parents (filiah honor): P37
Except those days should be shortened: (MESS)
Exchange: P87
Exchange not: P78
Exclude not marrying a descendant Esau if a prosleyte (N54)
Exclusion: P22
Excommunication: P58
Extermination: P187
Extremities: P189
Extremities cut off: P189
Eyes: P12
Face: P26
Face of man: N276
Faint and Weary from fleshly persecution: P189
Faithful witness of all: P18
Faithfulness (purity): N47
Falcon after its kind (various hawk with long wings): N174
Fall of ox/ass: P238
Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great (body of sin): (REV)
Fallen Fruit: P120
Fallow: P134
False Accusation: P175
False elohim: N17
False Hellfire teachings are warned to all: (MESS)
False matter: N290
False measures and weights: P40
False prophets: P172
False report: N281
False Sheep: P55
False swearing: P178
False witness: P175
Falsehood: N244
Falsehood of laying on hands: P63
Familiar spirits: N8
Famines (afflictions) and earthquakes (fleshly powers shaken) are the beginning of spiritual lives: (MESS)
Far off from thee: N17
Fat: N108
Fat Prohibited: N185
Father: P18
Fatherless: P54
Faultlessness: P113
Favoritism: P177
Fear Elohim: P4
Fear every man his mother and his father: P211
Fear not: P191
Fear not the enemy: N58
Fear not Elohim: P189
Fear not the enemy: N58
Fear of Elohim: P8
Fear of man: N276
Fear of YHWH: P4
Fear YHWH all the days: P16
Fear YHWH: P128
Feast: P50
Feast of Passover: P56
Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost): P45
Feast of Tabernacles: P16
Feast of Trumpets: P47
Feast of Unleavened Bread: P52
Feast of unleavened bread unto YHWH: P43
Feed in another man’s field: P240
Feet: P24
Feet washed: P24
Festival of harvest: P52
Festival of ingathering: P52
Field: P52
Fierceness: N24
Fifteen shekels: P114
Fifteenth day: P43
Fifteenth Day of 1st month: P42
Fiftieth day: P46
Fiftieth day (Shavuot): P161
Fiftieth year (Jubilee): P136
Fifth part: P73
Fifth year: P119
Fifty shekels: P114
Fifty shekels of silver: P218
Fig tree withered vs. fig tree seasoned by end of summer: (MESS)
Filial honor: P37
Find no favor in his eyes: P213
Fine flour: P40
Finger: P113
Fins: P152
Fire: P29
Fire break out: P241
Fire-offerings: P24
Firmly Established: P8
First-born: P79
First day: P156
First day of month: P47
First day of Sukkot: P166
First day of Unleavened Bread: P156
First month: P43
First-fruits: P44
First mention of Full Moon: P42
First of dough: P133
First of the first-fruits: N187
First of the fleece (Wool): P144
First resurrection: (REV)
First woe gone, two woes to come: (REV)
First year: P39
Firstling of a goat: N108
Firstling of a sheep: N108
Firstling of an ox: N108
Firstling which is born to YHWH: N107
Firstlings: P81
Firstlings of your herds and of your flocks: P83
Fish: P152
Fist: P236
Five months to torment us: (REV)
Five oxen: P239
Five oxen shall he pay for the ox: P239
Five shekels: P114
Five years: P114
Fixed Sin-Offering, by one unknowingly breaking a karet (excommunication or cut off) (P69)
Flashes of lightning and sounds and peals of thunder and earthquake: (REV)
Flashes of Lightning (awakening from darkness), sounds, peals of thunder, earthquake: (REV)
Flee fornication (Judea) as coming out of her (body of harlotry/Jerusalem: (MESS)
Flee thither every manslayer: P182
Fleeing to a city of refuge: P225
Fleece: P126
Fleece of thy sheep: P126
Flesh: P56
Flesh lust against the Spirit and vice versa: N58
Flesh not eaten: P237
Flesh that is torn: N181
Fleshly births (body of sin) vs. Spirit births (body of Messiah): (MESS)
Fleshly (first) Adam and Spiritual (last) Adam: (MESS)
Fleshly struggle vs. the Law: P34
Fleshly tithing: P129
Fleshly works (troubles) are far from YHWH: P146
Flocks (Sheep): P61
Flour: P40
Flow with milk and honey: P18
Flow of seed: P105
Followers: N28
Food (meat): P98
Food Forbidden: P119
Food Prohibited: P96
Foolish Exacters: P142
Foolish sanctification: P32
For a freewill-offering, of the herd, or of the flock: P61
For a daughter: P76
For a keeping for a water of sprinkling: P113
For a man's life he taketh to pledge: N242
For a memorial between thine eyes: P157
For a reproach unto Elohim is he that is hanged: P231
For a son: P76
For all these things they did: N30
For an abomination to YHWH is whosoever doeth these things: N31
For an abomination unto YHWH thy Eloheyak, are both these: N100
For every matter of trespass: P246
For every soul of man who does evil and does good: (MESS)
For he is poor, and for it he risketh his life: P200
For he is thy brother: N54
For he will turn away thy son from following Me: N52
For her he may defile himself: P37
For him hath YHWH thy Elohim chosen out of all thy tribes: P126
For his brother: P37
For his daughter: P37
For his father: P37
For his mother: P37
For his sin which he hath sinned: P69
For his sister: P37
For holy am I: P32
For I am YHWH who sanctify them: N69
For I will not justify the wicked: N290
For I YHWH thy Eloheyak am El Kanna [a jealous El]: N5
For in haste didst thou come forth out of the land of Egypt: N199
For in it thou comest out from Egypt: N156
For in the cloud I appear upon the ark-covering: N68
For in the month of Abib YHWH thy Eloheyak brought thee out of Egypt by night: P153
For increase thou shalt not give him thy victuals: N235
For is the tree of the field man: N57
For it is a devoted thing: N25
For it is a meal-offering of jealousies, a meal offering of memorial: P223
For it is a meal-offering of jealousies, a meal offering of memorial, bringing iniquity to remembrance: N104
For it is a sin-offering: P72
For it is an abomination of YHWH thy Eloheyak: N22
For it shall not be acceptable for you: P61
For on this day shall atonement be made for you: P49
For she is thy mother's near kinswoman: N341
For splendor and for beauty: P33
For strangers and settlers are ye with Me: N227
For that is an abomination unto YHWH thy Eloheyak: N95
For that which he hath done amiss in the holy things: P118
For the altar he shall make atonement: P49
For the bread of thy Elohim he offereth: P32
For the bribe blindeth them that have sight: N274
For the coming of Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah: (MESS)
For the dead person shall none defile himself among his people: P37
For the female shall be thy valuation three shekels of silver: P114
For the female ten shekels (from 5 years old unto 20 years old): P114
For the female ten shekels (for 60 years old and upward): P114
For the good land which He has given you: P19
For the house of the cities of the Levites are their possession Among the children of Yisrael: N228
For the land is Mine: N227
For the poor and for the stranger thou shalt leave them: P120
For the priests and for all the people of the assembly: P49
For the stranger, the fatherless, the widow it shall be: P122
For the stranger and the poor: P120
For they are My servants, whom I brought forth out of the land of Egypt: N258
For thine own nakedness is theirs: N334
For those days shortened: (MESS)
For those days will be a time of tribulation: (MESS)
For thou art holy people unto YHWH: N180
For thou mayest eat of them: N57
For thou wilt serve their eloheyhem: N51
For thy tribes: P176
For whatsoever may he be that hath a blemish: N71
For whatsoever soul it be that shall not be afflicted in that same day: N196
For with a strong hand hath YHWH brought thee out from Egypt: P157
For ye were strangers in the land of Egypt: P207
For YHWH thy Eloheyak walketh in the midst of thy camp: P193
For YHWH your Eloheykem is He that goeth with you: P191
For YHWH your Eloheykem putteth you to proof: N28
For you serve their idols: N51
Forasmuch YHWH hath said unto you: N46
Forbear to help him: P202
Forbearth to keep the Passover: P57
Foreign people: P233
Foreigner: P141
Foremost of all: P3
Forever throughout your generations: N73
Forfeit (his trespass): P71
Forget not: P188
Forget to offer our firstfruits to YHWH: P133
Forgetfulness: P14
Forgive them not: P72
Forgiveness: P70
Forgiveness but not heart change: P72
Forgiveness but punishment: P72
Forgiveness of the Blasphemy against the Son: N60
Forgiveness vs. Unforgiveness: P72
Former Husband: N356
Forty: P224
Forty stripes: P224
Forty stripes he may give him: P224
Found in his hand: P227
Foundation: N79
Four angels bound at great river Euphrates released and kill the spirits of lawlessness: (REV)
Four living creatures: N173
Four living creatures (His corners) sit on the horses: (REV)
Four lunar Shabbats monthly: P41
Four sheep: P239
Four sheep for the sheep: P239
Fours: P151
Fourteenth day: P43
Fourteenth day of 1st month: P43
Fourth year: P119
Fowl: P147
Frankincense: P67
Fraud: N238
Free at home: P214
Free from plagues: P101
Free woman vs. bondwoman: N39
Freedom: P232
Freewill-offering: P61
Fresh ears: N189
Fringes: P14
From a false matter thou shalt keep thee far: N290
From Chodesh to Chodesh and from Shabbat to Shabbat: P42
From one end to other end of earth: N17
From Satan's dominion (thousand years) in us saved to His dominion (thousand years): (REV)
From the day of Wave Sheaf: P45
From the day that ye brought the sheaf of the waving: P161
From the door of the tent of meeting ye shall not go out: N165
From the east to the west: (MESS)
From the eighth day and thenceforth: P60
From the first day until the seventh day: P156
From the full moon (Light) to the dark moon (darkness) to the full moon (Light): P42 (MESS)
From the least to the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven: (MESS)
From the midst of thee, of thy brethren: P172
From the one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth: N17
From the pressed grapes unto the huskies (grapestone) he shall not eat: N205
From the sheep or from the goats, shall you take it: P55
From them that offer a sacrifice, whether it be ox or sheep: P143
From thy meal-offering; with all thine offerings thou shalt offer salt: P62
From wine and strong drink he shall abstain: N202
From your meal-offering: N99
Frontlets: P12
Fruit: P119
Fruit of goodly trees: P169
Fruit of the tree: 127
Fruitful Land: P18
Fugitives: P193
Fulfillment: P76
Full month: P221
Full month - yerach: P42
Full Moon vs. Dark Moon: P42
Full moon (light/spiritual body) vs. dark moon (fleshly body): (MESS)
Fullness of the seed: N193
Fullness of thy harvest: N154

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