Ancient Hebrew alphabet,                  , Names bearing His eternal Name listedElohim (El of all),
New Testament Hebrew-Greek NamesName of Mashiyach (Anointed One) found in John 1:45,
Father, Son, Holy Spirit,   Adonai (Master),  Baptism with RepentanceRomans 10:4 & 1 Tim. 1:5
Writings of Yisrael,  The Gospel of ThomasDay one of the Shabbats in NTThis generation,
Donate to BayithaMashiyachWhy evening comes first before dayEternal Gospel vs. Rapture,
Rapture like trying to uproot the tares with the wheatDeath not tasted in our spiritual life
Parables of Yahushua the MashiyachTree of Life vs. Tree of knowledge of good and evil,
Why are there two opposing things often spoken in His parablesA thief in the night
The Parable of the prodigal sonAleph TauAsk, Seek, KnockCocoon and Butterfly
Forgiveness against the Son of Adam and Unforgiveness against the Holy Spirit
This present age and the age to comeEternities written in the Scriptures
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HaMiqraot [The Scriptures]: (Torah, Nebiim, and Chetubim)
(in downward order of each verse of its texts of  the paleo-Hebrew Phoenican
modern Hebrew at right, and its Hebrew color coded transliteration, 
interlining with the translated color coded words mostly in English, 
along with the translitered names/titles 
and Septuagint Greek Old Testament (Brenton) and its color coded translitered text
along with its color coded translated English text)
(with the help of  Jay Green's The Interlinear Bible, Interlinear Scripture Analyzer, 
The Pentateuch [Linear translation into English], The Septuagint (Lancelot Brenton), Rotherham Old Testament,, Literal English Version,
HalleluYah Scriptures English-Hebrew Parallel Edition, NASB, NRSV, NKJV, New Jerusalem Bible) 
edited and translated by Lanny Mebust (Benyamin benKohath)

 The Scripture formats/preferences with Genesis 1:1 and Matthew 1:1 is listed for all F1-F40.

For 7 all colored Hebrew-Greek/LXX-English texts on a new F36P (Paleo names) and F36E (English names - Yahuwah and Yahushua), I currently work on Psalms chapter 72 for F12 file folder and finish in August 2024 if possibly, then I will do the rest of F36-F40 file folders till the end of 2024.  Some have asked me if it is possible to have all 7 colored texts for each verse.  Yes, I have started last December 2023 doing the colored LXX texts this year.  I will update my website periodically on where I am at during this year.  See my Genesis 1:1-2 PDF file for you to see.  I take my time as much as I can at least 20 hours a week for 12 months or longer.  

It is ready to buy a USB stick 
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except for F36-F40 that will be done hopefully by end of 2024.
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Most of the PDFs of Torah, Nebiim and Chetubim and NT readings below 
have not been updated lastly in 2018-19, 
but the USB stick now have all the updates for the final copy.

Torah (the Law) 

   Sepher Maaseh Bereshith (Genesis)
  Sepher Yetsi'at Mitsrayim - Shemot (Exodus)
  Torat Cohanim - Wayyikra (Leviticus)
  Chamesh haPekudim - Bemidbar (Numbers)
  Mishneh Torah - Debarim (Deuteronomy)

Nebiim (the Prophets)  

   Yahushua (Joshua)                                     
  Shophtim (Judges)    
  Shmu'El (1 Samuel & 2 Samuel)               
   Sepher Melachim (1 Kings & 2 Kings)
  YeshaYahu (Isaiah)                                    
  YirmeYahu (Jeremiah)
   Yechezk'El (Ezekiel)                                   
  Hoshaah (Hoshea)
   Yo'El (Joel)                                                   
   ObadYah (Obadiah) - Modern Hebrew                                    
   Yonah (Jonah)
   Mikah Micah                                                
  Nachum (Nahum)
   Chabaqquq (Habakkuk)                            
  TsephanYah (Zephaniah)
   Chaggay (Haggai)                                        
  ZekarYah (Zechariah)
   Malaki Malachi

Chetubim (the Writings) 

   Sepher Tehillim (Psalms)                              
  Sepher Mishle (Proverbs)        
  Eyob (Job)                                                    
  Shir Hashirim (Song of Songs)
  Echah (Lamentations)
  Koheleth (Ecclesiastes)                               
  Hadassah (Esther)
  NechemYah (Nehemiah)                             
  Dibre Hayyamim (1 Chronicles & 2 Chronicles)

New Testament (B'rit haChadashah)
 (in downward order of each verse of its texts of  the paleo-Hebrew Phoenican
modern Hebrew at right, and its Hebrew color coded translitered text
along with the translitered names/titles 
and its color coded translated English text,
and Greek New Testament and its color coded transliteration, 
interlining with the translated color coded words mostly in English)
(with the help of The New Greek-English Interlinear New Testament,  Jay Green's The Interlinear Bible, 
Salkinson-Ginsburg Hebrew New Testament, The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels, 
The Apostolic Bible Polyglot, Interlinear Scripture Analyzer, Tyndale Bible [Coverdale, Rogers], 
Geneva Bible, Hebrew Gospels, NASB, NRSV, NKJV, HalleluYah Scriptures, 
English-Hebrew Parallel Edition, Literal English Version, Lamsa, 
Franz Delitzsch Hebrew New Testament, New Jerusalem Bible,
Peshitta Aramic-English Interlinear NT)

edited and translated by Lanny Mebust (Benyamin benKohath)

   MattithYahu (Matthew)                                    
  Menachem (Mark)
   Yoseph (Luke)                                                        
  Yahuchanan (John)
   Maaseh haShlichim (Acts)                                      
  Romyim (Romans)
   1 Corinthians & 2 Corinthians                       
   1 Thessalonians & 2 Thessalonians       
   Barnaba (1 Timothy & 2 Timothy)                
   Dawid (Philemon) Modern Hebrew                              
   Ibrim (Hebrews)         
   Ya'aqob (James)                                                        
  Kepha (1 Peter & 2 Peter)
   Yahuchanan (1 John & 2 John  - Modern Hebrew & 3 John - Modern Hebrew)  
   Yahudah (Jude) Modern Hebrew  
   Chazon (Revelation          

               Peshitta Aramic-English Interlinear NT

Its Scriptural color coded textual work began in the midst of 2007 and the new 
and updated files including all F1-f35 folders are completed except for F36-F40 folders that will be done by the end of 2024.
Some have asked about the explanation of color coding meanings in the interlinear 
texts which I have been working on.  It is easier and faster to read the Hebrew text 
and its English translations and also the Greek text and its English translations 
in color than in black.  The colors means nothing in meanings 
but to read and learn more of Hebrew and/or Greek words than in black. 
Some have asked for the ancient Hebrew fonts or other fonts in which I cannot give freely and also I made my own ancient Hebrew font thru Using Fontographer for Mac 
and I bought some Greek and Hebrew fonts online, that is why I do the PDFs.
Any corrections or concerns for his Scriptural color coded textual work should be addressed to Lanny as we want the best for all the readers who love the study of the Scriptures sincerely. 
Thanks for your support!  

Shalom, Lanny Mebust (Benyamin benKohath)

Ancient Hebrew alphabetYHWH,   Names bearing His eternal Name listed,   
New Testament (B'rit haChadashah) Hebrew-Greek Names,   Elohim (El of all), 
Father, Son, Holy Spirit,  Adonai (Master)Baptism with Repentance
Writings of Yisrael,   The Gospel of Thomas  
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The Aleph and Tau Mashiyach comings
are for all mortals to repent and to fulfill